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Launch Pad Solutions: Increase your sales performance results by 20 – 50% in as little as 4 – 6 weeks

We provide 1 on 1 sales coaching, training, consulting, and cold calling services.

We teach
sales professionals how to master the activity of cold calling and take them from frustration and failure to a place of control and success.

Lead Generation and Appointment Setting – We add telesales resources to your sales operation taking the grinding activity of cold calling off of your plate and replacing it with a pipeline of qualified leads.

Improve each step of your sales process (lead generation, prospecting, qualifying, needs analysis, sales presentations, objection handling, sales closing).

Improve sales messaging, process improvement, strategy development, and execution.

& much more…

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Launch Pad provided me with superb sales training specifically around cold calling. When I first started working with Launch Pad, I had not a clue about how to do prospecting and cold calling in a systematic, organized manner. I was basically working without a concrete plan of action. As a result I would avoid cold calling all together. After using the service for just under 2 months, I have arrived at a place where I’m now more comfortable making effective cold calls. Launchpad taught me the fundamentals of cold calling: The who, what, why, where and how. Now I’m in a great position to grow my business, because I get on the phone more often, creating new sales opportunities.

Trevor Bart, Founder - Breeze Digital Marketing

After working with Launch Pad Solutions for three months, we were able to take our business to the next level. Our messaging and processes became significantly more streamlined and functional. Moreover, our sales resources were greatly improved with both better tools and more knowledge. What did this translate into for us? A drastic 4x increase of qualified leads that we were producing, and an increase in top line revenue of ~20%!

Justin Hedge, Founder and CEO - Electron Storm, LLC

Launch Pad helped us to clearly figure out where we were and what direction we needed to go in terms of our sales strategy.

Robert Gutierrez, President - Convergex Communications, LLC

We went to Launch Pad because we wanted to grow but we did not want to take on the expense of adding another full-time sales person. After several months of appointment setting, we were having a tough time keeping up.

Greg Coco, President - Recovery+Solutions, Inc

We shifted our cold calling activities over to Launch Pad and saw an immediate improvement in lead generation as they built a healthy pipeline of qualified leads within only a matter of weeks

Arnaud Dasprez, President - HexaGroup, Ltd

Launch Pad developed a cold calling strategy that made sense for our business and helped us connect with companies we would not have interacted with in our normal sales process

Herve Chain, President - Omni Intercommunications, Inc

Launch Pad Solutions helped us to completely revamp our cold calling strategy and messaging. This greatly improved the quantity and quality of conversations that we had with prospects over the phone and it is difficult to put a value on how that has impacted our business

Charles De Vega, VP of Sales, D-Cubed, Inc

Launch Pad has assisted our sales team in building a successful cold call script. Once when we started working with Launch Pad on a solid strategy, we began to see where we had previously fallen short on cold calls and made the changes LP suggested. We’ve had a tremendous improvement in our appointment setting – with qualified clients – giving us a better chance to close real business. Thank you Launch Pad.

Alex Johnson, Account Manager - TD Information Technologies

Launch Pad provided me with sales coaching. I never would have thought I’d be so comfortable with cold calling. When I first started working with Launch Pad, I would resist making the calls I need to and felt intimidated talking to CFOs of large corporations. After just a couple of weeks of coaching I was able to block out my time and call anyone with confidence. And now, 5 months later, my rate of appointments set has doubled. Totally worth it.

Heather, Sales Representative

When if first starting working with Launch Pad, I had only performed inbound telesales. The thought of performing outbound seemed intimidating and I really did not know what to do. After going through Launch Pad’s sales training, not only did I clearly know exactly what to do, but my fear and intimidation was completely gone. I am now cold calling and comfortable talking to business owners and scheduling about 10 appointments every week

Christy Miller, Inside Sales Rep

To book a free consultation, click here, or call 888-804-3756

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