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How to Achieve Sales

Just about every sales person, sales manager, and business owner is focused on how to achieve sales. And while it can sometimes be a daunting and intimidating goal, there are clear things that can be done to improve results.

1. Improve messaging

Every business has a set of products and services that it sells. And these all have different features and benefits. And when a customer utilizes and consumes these products and services, the benefits help the customer’s business in some way or another in terms of business value.

Communicating all of this effectively and efficiently to prospects is very important and one of the keys to success. Whether it is on a website, during a cold call, or during a formal presentation, improving and mastering the sales messaging step and clearly communicating what you have to offer and how you can help can be the difference between failure and success.

2. Improve your aim

If you are throwing a ball, you can use the best form and highest level of power and effort, but if you are not aiming in the right direction toward the target, the successful delivery of the ball will not happen. The same logic can be applied to sales in that we can just go out and try to sell to everybody, but we can improve our odds of successful connection and how to achieve sales if we improve our aim and focus on what we define as our target prospects.

Try to identify what your ideal prospect looks like in terms of geography, industry, size, title, current environment, etc. Your ideal prospect is description of the type of prospect that fits best in terms of needing what you have to offer and also having the most likely odds of purchasing.

3. Increase your interactions

Of course, if we want to figure out how to achieve sales, we must increase our interactions with ideal prospects. We can use tactics like cold calling, professional networking, and search engine optimization to increase our exposure and interactions with prospects. From these interactions, we could work to generate leads and create conversations.



4. Improve your conversations

Time spent with prospects, whether over the phone or in formal face-to-face meetings, is very valuable time. Are you getting the most out of these great opportunities? Are you just “winging it” or do you have prepared notes?

A key step with how to achieve sales is to add more preparation and structure to your conversations with prospects. You can create a script or outline with points that you want to make and questions that you should ask. Your preparation should center around how you will communicate the value you offer, qualifying the prospect, finding pain, and building interest.

5. Improve your sales lead follow-up

There will likely be different sales processes stages that you will need to go through as part of your sales lead follow-up. How effective you are at staying on top of leads and getting prospects to progress through the sales cycle will have a direct impact on your sales results.

There are key tools and processes that you can use to follow-up and get prospects to move forward. But the key to success is staying in touch, asking good questions, and being assertive but not too aggressive.


Launch Pad Solutions provides sales consulting helping businesses with how to achieve sales.

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This article was published on Sunday 06 May, 2012.
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