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Analysis of a Telecom Purchase to Improve Sales Performance

I recently called a communications provider to inquire about purchasing data/connectivity services and there were a number of things that the telephone sales person could have done better in terms of sales effectiveness.  This article will provide a quick analysis of what he did on the call and what he could have done differently to improve sales performance.

Collecting Information

At the very beginning of the call, the sales person did not ask me anything about my needs.  Of course he knew that I needed service since I was calling in and I did request pricing, so I obviously was at some point in the buying cycle.  But he had different levels of service to offer and he did not ask any questions to identify what solution on his side would be the best fit.

To improve his ability to match the right solution with my needs, he could have asked sizing questions around the size of the space that I was looking to set up service to, the number of workers or PC’s that were going to use the connection, and the type of activities that the connection would be used for.  The answers to these questions would have given him some of the customer information that he would need to take the sales cycle in the right direction and help to improve sales performance.

Proposing a Solution

Since the sales person did not ask good questions on the front-end, he did not know my needs and as a result he began to propose a solution that did not make any sense.  He led off by proposing a solution that established connectivity to the breakroom and lobby.  Not only did this proposed solution not meet my needs, but it also just seemed like we were talking about something that was completely out of order.  He then went on to propose a package that was more than twice what I needed.


Closing the Sale

After I received pricing, I began to try to end the call as I was at the research phase of the buying cycle and was not going to make a decision right then.  At this point, the only question the sales person asked was how soon I was going to make a decision.  I answered his question and the answer was “very soon”.  He then asked for my email address and sent me a blank email with his contact info.

The question of when I was going to make a decision is a good question, but that question by itself does not give the sales person any power.  If you are a car sales person and you identify that your prospect is going to buy a car today, but you do not know how the car you are trying to sell fits their needs, matches up against their other options, and how much the generally like it, than knowing that they are doing something today alone will not help you to improve sales performance.

In this scenario, in addition to asking when I was going to purchase, the sales person could have asked trial closingquestions to identify if the pricing was in line with my budget, if the solution met my needs, and what other options I was considering.  These questions can improve control over the direction forward and improve sales performance.


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This article was published on Sunday 15 May, 2011.
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