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Launch Pad Solutions was founded in 2009 on the vision of helping small to medium businesses to increase sales and get to the next level.  At its beginnings Launch Pad was primarily a sales coaching firm, but as we started working with small business owners to improve strategy, messaging, and processes, it was clear that we had evolved beyond coaching and more into sales consulting engagements and this was the first step of horizontal growth.

In 2010, we identified that many of the sales professionals that we were working with had a need for training that was specific to cold call skills and tactics.  As a result, we began developing a full cold call training program that is structure around very simple and practical cold calling philosophies and tactics.  The program is designed to deliver immediate improvements and results regardless of sales skills and experience.

We took our biggest expansion in 2011 when we launched a telesales operation that provides telesales resources on an hourly basis to our clients in a sales outsourcing model.  Our sales resources can take over any portion of the sales cycle that our clients would like.  Although, most of our clients are transferring over the early portion of the sales cycle where we focus solely on business-to-business cold calling to schedule appointments and schedule leads.

Our latest project has been production of an ebook that outlines a simple summary of very helpful and practical cold calling tactics.  Titled The Cold Calling Equation – PROBLEM SOLVED, the ebook breaks down all of the variables involved with cold calling and identifies what to do and not do with each variable to drive positive improvements and results.

Core Services

Launch Pad offers value to clients in the areas of messaging, process improvement, strategy development, and execution. Improvements are facilitated through the delivery of sales consulting, sales training, sales coaching, and sales outsourcing services.

Sales Consulting:  Launch Pad provides sales consulting services helping organizations to identify where they are today and explore where improvements can be made to drive positive results.

Sales Training:  Launch Pad provides a mix of custom and standard sales training programs and curriculum.  Classes and programs can be delivered to audiences and groups of all sizes.

Sales Coaching:  
Launch Pad Solutions utilizes ICF (International Coaching Federation) training and methodologies to provide sales coaching services to front-line sales resource to help businesses to drive positive results.

Sales Outsourcing:  
Sales outsourcing services complements Launch Pad’s sales consulting portfolio, designed to augment a company’s existing sales force to drive positive sales results.


Launchpad provided me with excellent sales coaching which resulted in healthier rapport with several prospects. Michael Halper is not only sincere, but highly effective in his approach of offering constructive feedback to ensure optimal sales results.

Kimberelee, Inside Sales Rep

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Corporate Headquaters

908 Town and Country Blvd Suite #312
Houston, TX 77024
Local: (281) 760-3572
Toll Free: (888) 804-3756

Our Management

Launch Pad Solutions was founded and is primarily managed by Michael Halper, author of The Cold Calling Equation and creator of the SalesScripter.  Halper has spent the past twenty years working on the front lines in sales, customer service, marketing, and business development roles. During this period, he has seen just about everything in terms of what to do and what not to do when it comes to establishing and maintaining clients and building businesses.

During his career, Halper has had the opportunity to acquire broad industry experience by working in a vast array of industries including technology, oil and gas, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, education, healthcare, professional services, and government.  In addition, he has interfaced and navigated all functional departments of organizations by selling to executives, finance, HR, IT, and operations. This enables Michael to have a well-rounded knowledge of the marketplace and know how to help connect sellers with their target buyers.

Supporting Halper’s real world experience is a strong educational background including a BBA in Marketing, an MBA in Management, a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching, and Michael is currently working on a Masters of Science in Organizational Behavior at the University of Texas at Dallas. Michael also is a certified professional coach currently holding an ICF Associate Certified Coach credential.

Our Key Contributors

For our sales outsourcing operation, we not only hire great quality resources, but we also provided a high amount of sales training and sales coaching to our team members.  It is realistic for our sales resources to attend and receive more training and coaching in the first two months of working for Launch Pad than a full-time sales pro would receive during a ten year stretch of a normal sales career.

Basic Sales Training

Before any Launch Pad sales resource interacts with a prospect, they will go through the follow basic sales training modules.

  • Communicating Value
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Cold Call Scripting
  • Dealing with objections
  • Project specific training
  • Scenario based role-playing

Advanced Sales Training

Once a Launch Pad sales rep is in the field or on the phone, the will continue their development through advanced sales training that is delivered through the following modules with one module being delivered every week.

  • Dealing with Gatekeepers
  • Finding Pain while Cold Calling
  • Cold Calling Inner Game
  • Disqualifying Prospects
  • Building Rapport
  • Establishing Credibility
  • Improving Tonality and Voice
  • Closing
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