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The Benefits of Integrating a CRM with VoIP

Just about every business utilizes some sort of customer relationship management (CRM) system.  And every business also has some sort of system in place to manage voice communications, whether that be traditional land-lines, voice-over-IP (VoIP), or even using mobile phones.  What most businesses do not have today is integration between those two different systems.  Although, there are some solutions on the market that tie these separate systems together and companies are starting to drive integration by interfacing their CRM with VoIP technology.

Why would a company want to invest time and resources in driving integration in this area?  Below is a summary of benefits to answer that question.

Improved Efficiency 

By integrating a CRM with a VoIP system, a company can likely improve automation and eliminate steps entering data into the system.  For example, features like “click to dial”, auto pop-up of a contact screen on incoming calls, and auto-creation of an “activity” can be enabled to eliminate a handful of clicks and data-entry steps for a sales person.  This can add up to a good amount of time and improved efficiency, which can translate into more time selling and increased sales revenue.

Better Manage Customer Interactions

Through integration of a CRM with VoIP, a company will stand to collect two valuable pieces of information: 1) calls logs and 2) call recordings.  This information helps the sales staff to easily see when calls were made to their contacts to more effectively manage their activity levels for each contact.  In addition, by having access to the call recordings, sales staff can get more information out of each conversation by having the ability to go back and listen to calls again to improve note taking.



Better Manage Sales Staff Activity Levels
When integration of a CRM with VoIP takes place, sales managers will tremendously improve their visibility into what the sales staff is doing, how they are doing, and how much they are doing of it.  By looking at the call logs that are produced by this system, a sales manager can easily see and manage sale staff activity levels and this can help to improve management of resources in terms of reward, disciplinary actions, and sales coaching, helping to decrease sales staff turnover.

Better Manage Effectiveness
When a company integrates their CRM with VoIP, they will be able to more easily manage and access call recording.  This can help managers to more easily monitor calls to ensure that messaging and quality of service is on point.  These call recording can provide tremendous value when management is looking to invest time and money in the areas of sales training and sales coaching.

Better Manage Remote Sales Staff
With the majority of companies looking to decrease costs, there is a common trend of moving employees to virtual and work-from-home arrangements.  The two biggest challenges with remote sales staff is 1) managing productivity and 2) managing effectiveness.  With the integration of CRM and VoIP, a manager will have call logs and call recordings and this greatly improves the ability to manage remote sales staff.


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This article was published on Sunday 12 December, 2010.
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