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Benefits of Using Call Scripts

Many sales professionals debate whether to use call scripts or not. The main argument against using them is that you do not sound as good when using a sales script. The other reason that many professionals do not use cold calling scripts is that it requires a level of effort to write and memorize.

With all of that being what it is, there really are some great benefits that result from using a call script.


Sound Better

To respond to the argument that you do not sound as good when using a script, yes, if you sound like you are reading a script during a cold call, you will not sound great at all. You will sound like an amateur sales professional and maybe be even like a telemarketer.

But when you use call scripts correctly, you will not sound like this at all. When you use a script so that you know what to say, but you consciously use your own words and inflection to avoid sounding like you are reading, you will sound much better than you would if you did not have a script. You will sound more prepared, knowledgeable, and polished.


Better Impression

When you sound better while talking with sales prospects, you will stand to make a better impression. This is critical when selling over the phone given that you have such a limited amount of time to work with.

By making a better impression, you will stand to improve your ability to establish conversations and keep calls going.


More Productive

There should be a few things that you are trying to accomplish during your sales calls. Maybe there are key questions you want to ask and information that you want to gather. Or maybe there are key points that you want to share to try to trigger interest.

By using call scripts, you can improve your ability to consistently execute and complete the key steps that you want to take. Without a call script, you may find yourself skipping key steps that you need to take to be productive.





Better Results

When you sound better, you make a better impression, and then you get more out of each call, you will be more likely to produce better results. Whether you are trying to generate leads, schedule appointments, or close deals, it is likely that you will achieve more when using call scripts.


Decrease Stress

One important benefit to wrap up with is that using a call script can help you to decrease stress and cold call anxiety. Sales and cold calling can be very challenging mentally. This is because you never know what direction calls are going to go and you always face the potential for rejection.

By using a calling script, you can decrease the level of stress by decreasing your level of uncertainty on what to do. You replace that with a clear plan of what to say and do and that can turn stress into confidence. By improving the mental aspect of sales calls, you will not only improve results, but you will also improve your stamina for performing the job day in and day out.



Launch Pad Solutions provides a sales script generator tool that helps sales pros to write call scripts.

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This article was published on Sunday 05 August, 2012.
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