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Benefits of Using a Prospecting Guide

You could just go out and “wing it” when it comes to outbound sales or you could use some sort of prospecting guide. The latter clearly has some distinct and noticeable benefits.

1. Sound more prepared

If you watch the evening news, you will notice that the news anchor usually sounds knowledgeable and polished. And while the anchor may be a very good speaker, one thing they do before every broadcast is script out what they are going to say word for word. Not only do they script out what they are going to say, they also have it in front of them in a teleprompter. This guide and preparation plays a role in them sounding good when they are communicating.

We can apply this same logic to outbound sales as we can just say and ask what comes to our mind or we can prepare by using a guide. By using a prospecting guide, we can take a huge step forward in how we sound and the level of impression that we make and this can have a significant impact on our sales results.

2. Decrease stress and anxiety

When it comes to sales prospecting, there can often be a level of stress and anxiety. Not only is there pressure to deliver results, but there is also a tremendous amount of rejection that we can face. By using a prospecting guide, we can likely decrease both stress and anxiety by being much more prepared.

When it comes time to pick up the phone and find prospects, there can be a decent amount of uncertainty with what to do, what to say, what to ask, how to respond, etc. A guide can help to solve these questions and bring more clarity to the process and this can help with the mental aspects involved.


3. Increase activity levels

By not using a guide, there can be a negative impact on activity levels of calls made. The reason why is, not only might there be more sales call reluctance, but there could also be time wasted trying to figure out what to do on the next call.

A guide can help to tell you what to do and this can decrease reluctance and decrease time spent figuring out what to do and that can boost activity levels in terms of dials made and interactions with target prospects.

4. Have longer conversations

It is not a stretch to believe that you will have longer conversations with prospects when you use some sort of prospecting guide. This is due to fact that you are more prepared, asking better questions, delivering key statements when you need to, etc. By having longer conversations when performing sales prospecting, you will improve your position and probability for better sales results.

5. Produce more leads

When you add up any or all of the previously mentioned benefits, the end result is that more leads will be generated. When you sound better, have a better frame of mind, make more attempts, and have longer conversations, you are likely to easily see immediate improvements in lead gen.


Launch Pad Solutions provides cold calling services helping businesses to create a sales prospecting guide.

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This article was published on Sunday 20 May, 2012.
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