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Benefits of Using a Sales Script

If you were to survey 100 salespeople, you would find that the majority do not use any form of a sales script. While scripts can sometimes be seen as a hassle to develop, the reality is that there are some valuable benefits from using some form using them.

Improves How you Sound

Using a script clearly makes you sound much better when talking with prospects.  You will seem polished and prepared for your discussions and meetings.

Many people will argue that using a script makes you sound more amateur if you are having to use a guide. The key is to use a script but to do it in a way that your prospect does not know that you are going through prepared statements and questions.



Improves the Impression that You Make

By improving how you sound, you will immediately improve the impression that you make with prospects. This can be huge when trying to improve your results, especially when applying this to cold calling.

You only have a few minutes to work with so  you really need to make a good impression and you need to do that quickly and using a sales script is one key way to do that.

Improves Rapport

By improving the impression that you make on a sales prospect, you are likely to be better at building rapport. When prospects see you as more prepared and polished, they will have more respect for you and this will make them more comfortable talking with you.

Rapport is critical as prospects buy from salespeople that they like. And not only that, but having rapport will make the prospect more responsive throughout the sales cycle and that can definitely impact your results.

Improves Effectiveness

To be effective, there are a number of different boxes that you need to check during quick conversations with prospects. You need to grab their attention, you need qualify, you need to find pain, you need to build interest, you need to be able to deal with objections, you need to close, etc.

Using a sales script can also greatly improve your ability to check all of the boxes and by improving your consistency with that, you will likely improve your overall effectiveness when talking with prospects.


Improves Lead Generation

When you add up all of the benefits that we have discussed so far, it is very safe to see that using sales scripts can lead to an immediate improvement in lead generation and sales results.

Decreases Stress

One very important benefit that we can add is that using a sales script can help to decrease stress while cold calling and meeting with prospects. Not only can stress result from going into a situation unprepared and not knowing what to do, but when you face tough resistance and objections from prospects, the stress can increase as well.

Sales scripts can help to make you feel more prepared and this can lead to more confidence and less stress. And when you are interacting with prospects and they are being difficult, you will know how to deal with them and that can avoid stress that would have developed otherwise.



Launch Pad Solutions provides a sales script tool that helps sales pros to develop their sales script.


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This article was published on Sunday 23 September, 2012.
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