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Benefits of Using Telephone Scripts

The concept of using telephone scripts in sales has a fairly negative perception. This is due to a couple of sales myths that are rooted in fairly deeply.


Telephone Scripts Myths

First, many individuals believe that scripts are for a junior level sales person or more of a telemarketing role. This is completely false in that scripts are all about preparing what you are going to say and ask and sales professionals of all different levels and areas can benefit from better preparation.

Secondly, there is the belief that working from a script compromises how the sales person sounds. In other words, when working from a script, a sales person will sound less polished. This is completely false as a sales script will help an individual to be more prepared and that will improve how they sound.

What is true is if they read directly from the script where they sound like they are reading, this can have a negative impression on the impression made. The key is to know the script so that you do not have to read directly from it. This is more of an example of bad execution versus a bad sales tool.


Benefits of Telephone Scripts

Once those sales myths are dismissed, it is easy to see that there is only upside from implementing scripts into your sales training and execution processes. Here is a summary of the key benefits:

  • Improve confidence: It is very reasonable to have a lack of confidence when making sales calls. It is a very challenging task and prospects can often be very difficult. By using sales scripts, you can improve your preparation for all of the different directions that a call can go and this can improve your confidence.
  • Decrease stress: The level of stress that comes with making sales calls can be extremely high. This is due to the fact that you face potential rejection and you also don’t know exactly what direction a call will go. By improving your confidence and your level of preparation, you will decrease this stress as you will be more prepared with what to say and ask.
  • Increase activity level: Stress and lack of confidence can sometimes be so high that it prevents us from even picking up the phone and this can have a negative impact on our activity levels. Using telephone scripts can decrease this occurrence and increase activity levels.
  • Improve impression: When you work from a sales script, you will be more prepared and this will make you sound more polished. This can improve the impression that you make on the prospect and that can have a positive impact on the impression that you make.
  • Improve productivity: Time that you are able to get with a prospect is incredibly valuable. If you are able to you are able to ask the right questions at the right time, you will improve your ability to get the most out of each interaction that you have. Using call scripts and being prepared will help with this and improve your overall productivity.
Launch Pad Solutions provides a call script generator helping sales pros to develop telephone scripts.



This article was published on Saturday 13 April, 2013.
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