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Seven Keys to Improving Lead Gen

Lead gen is usually critical to a business’ success and there are some very clear things that can be done to improve results.

1.  Establish Bidirectional Traffic

When working to build improve lead generation, we can establish a strategy where leads are produced from both outbound and inbound directions.  Inbound leads refers to leads coming from the outside in through techniques like search engine optimization.  Outbound activities or traffic would most likely involve some form of cold calling or telemarketing.

2.  Having an Outbound Focus

If outbound sales is a component of the lead generation strategy, it can help tremendously to have resources that are dedicated in some way or another to spend time on outbound activities.  This is important as outbound sales requires not only a very different mindset, but also a different set of skills.

3.  Incorporate Business Networking

Business networking can often be one of the most quickest and most effective ways to generate leads.  With face to face interactions and building relationships, there can be an immediate impact on the number of prospects and referrals.  Networking can be accomplished by attending events, getting involved in different organizations, participating in activities, etc.

4.  Embracing Social Media

We can use social media platforms to easily and quickly grow our network of contacts and connections around the globe.  Once these connections are made, we utilize this network to learn about others, share information and collaborate and this type of activity can plant seeds that can help to produce leads and referrals.

5.  Search Engine Optimization

One of the best and most powerful tools to use to trigger lead gen is to invest time, effort, and money into search engine optimization.  SEO is a methodology used for improving the traffic that search engines send to a business’ website.  The more successful you can be at this, the more targeted traffic that you will get to your site and this can have an immediate and positive impact on lead generation.

6.  Sales Outsourcing

There can be an instance where a business does not have time to perform outbound lead generation activities.  And it might not be feasible to hire resources to do this.  When this is the case, the option always exists to utilize sales outsourcing to increase results.

7.  Cold Call Training

With any lead gen strategy, there will usually be some amount of cold calling required.  And there are clear things that can be done to improve results and effectiveness with cold calling.  By investing time and resources in cold call training, an immediate improvement in leads being produced.

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