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Five Ways to Improve the Scheduling of Telephone Appointments

Securing telephone appointments is often the main goal when making cold calls and there are some clear things that we can do to improve our success rate in reaching this goal.

1.  Communicate Value

Communicating the business value that we offer is sometimes one area where we can often improve.  It is our natural instinct to introduce ourselves by telling the prospect about the company we work for and tell them about our products and all of the great things that they can do.  We need to share these points with the prospect at some point, but the biggest thing that the prospect cares about is how we can help them from a business value standpoint.  Being able to focus on the benefits that we deliver at the business level can help to schedule telephone appointments.

2.    Uncover Pain

Being able to uncover pain is critical to creating leads and scheduling appointments.  Pain that the customer is experience is essentially something that is not working well or something that could be working better.  If we want the prospect to listen to what we have to say and possibly agree to an appointment, it is very important to identify pain as if there is no pain, there is no reason to make a change.

3.    Build Interest

If we uncover pain, we can then move to try to build some interest on the prospect’s side.  If we don’t build interest, it could be like trying to reel in a fish that has a hook in its mouth but the hook in not hooked on to anything.  If we share some information that shows how we can resolve pain, how we help clients, how we are different than our competition, we may be to get the prospected hooked so when it is time to close for telephone appointments, they agree to keep moving forward.

4.    Build Rapport

It is important to be aware that people buy from people they like.  As a result, building rapport can greatly impact our ability to schedule telephone appointments and close deals.  There are some very clear things that we can do with the prospect on a cold call to decrease their guard and take some steps toward establishing rapport.

5.    Sales Role-Play

Cold calling is one of the most challenging sales activities that a sales person will do.  Not only do you never really know exactly how a call is going to go, but there is also likely a lot of information that you will have to have fresh in your mind in terms of some sort of call script.  One way to make cold calling easier and improve results is to practice anticipated scenarios and objections through some sort of sales role-play.

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