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Four Keys to Getting an Appointment Set

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Getting an appointment set is likely sometimes the main goal when making cold calls. While this can often seem like a challenging task to complete, there are some simple things that can be done to improve success with appointment making.

1. Focus on the Right Goal

Focus on the right goal while cold calling prospects. It can be natural to fall into the trap of trying to sell your products and services while on a cold call. Even though your ultimate goal is to sell our products, this actually might not be the best goal for us to work on during a cold call as a cold call should only last between two to five minutes.

With that being the case, we can benefit from focusing on a goal that fits well with that amount of time. Since we cannot completely and effectively sell our products during a cold call, a good goal to focus on is one of getting the prospect interested in and committed to a conversation. In other words, a good goal to stay focused on is getting the appointment set.

2. Build Rapport

To help with scheduling appointments, we can try to build rapport with prospects. This is important due to the fact that people buy from people they like. In addition, prospects are more likely to agree to taking an appointment with someone that they have a decent level of rapport with.

Although, a cold call does not present at tremendous amount of time to build rapport, but there is enough time to use a few tactics to start to establish rapport. By doing some things like respecting the prospects time, showing that we understand the prospect, listening, disqualifying, and qualifying, we can take some minor steps toward building rapport.

3. Qualify the Prospect

By qualifying prospects during cold calls, you will actually create much better conversations with prospects as you will be asking questions and making prospects more interested and engaged in what you are calling about. Not only will this lead to a better cold call by creating a better conversation, it will also decrease the prospect’s guard since you are showing interest in making sure they fit before trying to sell to them and all of this can help to with making appointments.

4. Build Interest

Before we try to get the appointment set, we need to build interest. It is similar to trying to reel in a fish. When a fish has a hook in its mouth, we need to get it to bite down before we can try to reel in. With scheduling appointments, we need to get the prospect to bite down when we try to get commitment to move forward.

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