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Find the Prospects that Have Pain to Generate Leads

The products and services that we sell help our existing clients in certain areas. You job is to find prospects that need help in these areas and in order to find the people that need help, we must find the prospects that have pain.

In order to find pain, we want to figure out if the people we talk to are great, just ok, or could be better in the areas where we have services to offer. If they are great, that is fine and they are maybe not a fit. If they are just ok or could be better, we want to create a conversation where we can talk to them about how things are going and share how we have helped businesses with those same needs.

If they are great, or think they are great, they may still have pain but are just unaware of it. This is where throwing the common pain points at them can trigger something. If you go through both the qualifying questions and the common pain points in the script and they feel like they are great, simply move on.

Find those people that things are just ok or could be better. They are out there.

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