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Sales tip of the day – Reflect back to improve moving forward

There is something to learn from every cold call that you make, whether it goes well or it was a complete bomb. If you add a simple step to your process where you reflect back when a call ends and learn something from what happened, you can greatly improve your ability and performance on future calls.

One reason this is so helpful is that the situations that you will find yourself in are likely to recur. If you can learn from them to identify what happened and what could have been done better, you are likely to do what is right when the same scenario occurs again.

Another reason that this is important to do is that it is really hard to prepare for every scenario. Your initial sales training may get you going to where you have a good idea what to do. But there is no way for training to prepare you for all of the curve balls that you will receive. This is why you must learn as you go and build a library of experiences and responses and reflecting back will help you to do this.

When you reflect back, there are a few things that you can focus on:

  1. What went well, what what not so well?
  2. Objections: What objections did the prospect have, what were your responses, and what were their reactions to your responses? Were they able to end the call? Was there something that you could have responded with that kept the call going?
  3. Questions: Did you get the information you needed? What questions could you have asked to gather more information from the prospect and keep the call going?

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