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How to Develop Your Telesales Skills

Selling over the phone can always be improved by investing in some clear areas can immediately improve your telesales skills.

Sales books

One of the quickest and most economical ways to improve sales skills is to read some of the many sales books that have been written on telephone sales skills. There is no need to reinvent the wheel as there are plenty of people that have gone through the trial and error of selling over the phone and found out what works best. Leverage this knowledge and information that is readily available to improve your results.

Formal training

The next step beyond sales books for developing telesales skills is attending formal sales training. This would be leveraging structured training programs that provide structured knowledge transfer that is focused on improving your sales knowledge and skills.

Learn from others

Working in a telesales environment, you may have other people working around you that are doing the same job as you. These people are one of the best resources for learning and developing your skills. Observe what everybody is doing and identify what others are doing well and what others are not doing well. There is something to take from watching and learning from both – learn what to do from those that are performing well and what not to do from those that aren’t.

Work with a coach

To improve telesales skills, the option exists to always work with a sales coach. This could be someone you work with like a manager or mentor or it could be an external sales coach that does coaching as a profession.


Whether working with a coach or not, adding sales role-playing to your development activities can be one of the most powerful exercise you can do. This would be practicing different sales situations with someone else.


One powerful habit to get in is to reflect back after different calls while working to assess what just happened. Reflect back to think about how things went – what went well, what could have gone better? Identify what objections the prospect might have had and how your responses to those impacted the call.

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