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Sales Script Sample

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

sales script sampleThe following is a sales script sample. Following the example, we’ll break down a few of the main parts of the script to help you to build one similar for your product and business.

Sales Script Sample


Hello, I’m trying to connect the director of IT. Can you point me in the right direction?

Hi, Tom. This is Tina Jones with Latitude. Have I caught you in the middle of something at this time?

Value statement

Great, the purpose of my call is that we assist businesses with improving the reliability of their business services.


I actually don’t know if what we provide is a good fit for you, so I just had a couple of questions.

Qualifying Questions

  • Are you currently doing active monitoring of your applications and infrastructure?
  • Are you knowledgeable about problems before or while they occur?

Common Pain Examples

As we speak with other IT directors, they express concerns with:

  • There are so many alerts that they don’t know where the real problems are
  • Problems occur and they never receive notification
  • Don’t have knowledge of what business services the problems are impacting

Which one of those can you relate to the most?

Building Interest Points

Based on what we discussed, it might be productive for us to talk in more detail.

As I said, I’m with Latitude and we provide application and infrastructure monitoring as well as management solutions.
We differ from other options out there by our technology predicts problems before they occur.
We typically reduce time to repair by 15 to 20%.


Since I’ve called you out of the blue, I don’t want to take any more of your time to talk right now. If you have interest, a great next step would be for us to schedule a 15 to 20 minute meeting where we can discuss your needs in more detail and share what amount of value and insight that we have to offer against that. How does your schedule look next Tuesday or Thursday?

Explanation of the Sales Script

The following is an explanation of the main sections of the sales script sample:

Introduction: You’ll likely need two introductions in every sales script, one being for the gatekeeper and one being for your target prospect.

Value Statement: To grab the prospect’s attention and tell them why they should spend the next 2 to 5 minutes speaking with you, give them a value statement at the beginning of the sales script.

Disqualify: There’s a statement to disqualify the prospect in the sales script sample. This helps decrease the prospect’s guard, stir up curiosity as well as build some rapport.

Qualifying Questions: Because not every prospect will be a fit, you should ask some qualifying questions to ensure it makes sense for both parties to keep speaking.

Common Pain Examples: You increase the number of leads if you increase the amount of pain you are able to find. A way to uncover pain your prospect may be experiencing is by sharing examples which other prospects and clients have experienced.

Building Interest Points:
Share some powerful points to trigger more interest on the prospect’s side toward the end of the call before going for the close.

Close: In every conversation with a prospect, there is something you are trying to close. This sales script sample gives you some language for setting an appointment.

Launch Pad Solutions provides a sales script tool to help sales pros develop a sales script sample of their own.


How to Build a Sales Script for Sales

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

Often it is the difference between success and failure in having a sales script for sales. Here are a few steps that you can take to help you with how to build your sales script.

1. Identify the Goal

You should have clear awareness with each sales call you make with what you’re hoping to get out of the call. Are you attempting to schedule an appointment? Are you trying to sell your product? Are you trying to collect information?

Before writing your sales script, get clarity around what your primary goal is for the call. Also, it can be prudent to go one step more to identify your secondary goal if you’re not able to accomplish what you your primary goal.

2. Identify the Target

Clearly identifying who you’re calling and your ideal prospect is another step you need to take before writing a sales script for sales. This is important because it impacts the wording and questions you use.  Also, building out the ideal prospect profile can assist you in maximizing your time when making calls.

3. Identify Your Value

Quite often sales people fall into the rut of only talking about their products and the company they work for when speaking with prospects. It is important information, but it doesn’t shine light on the benefits offered and delivered.

Primarily, the prospect cares about “What is in it for me?” Communicating the value that you have to offer is the best way to answer that question for the prospect. Be sure to identify this as well as put it early on in your sales script for sales.

4. Build Your Qualifying Questions

Include questions to qualify the prospect when writing a sales script for sales. It is important because it can help in determining if it makes sense for both parties to keep conversing.  Also, they help to make the interaction with the prospect more conversational.

5. Gather Some Common Pain Points

It is helpful to uncover some pain which the prospect is experiencing. Sharing some common pain points that other prospects are experiencing and conveying that to the prospect to see if they can relate is one sales tactic to use to assist with that.

6. Develop Points to Trigger Interest

You’ll need to build some level of interest on the prospect’s side to improve your ability to reach your primary goal. Add some points in your sales script for sales which will trigger some interest to help with that.

Even if you are not able to build enough interest to close the deal or completely sell the prospect, you can create powerful points which will build enough curiosity and interest for the prospect to commit to keep speaking with you as well as move on to the next step in your sales process.

Launch Pad Solutions provides a sales script tool that helps sales pros with writing a sales script for sales.


How to Measure Sales Effectiveness

Saturday, September 8th, 2012

The management of a sales team can be greatly improved by knowing how to measure sales effectiveness. You will not have the information you need to make the minor adjustments to help increase your sales, if you don’t know what individuals are doing well and what areas need improvement. Following are six areas to observe when measuring sales effectiveness.

1. Sales Revenue

The obvious point is to use sales revenue to measure results. Every sales manager presently uses this metric to measure performance. Importantly, where the problem lies is that many sales leaders only look at this metric when managing a sales team.

There could be negative impacts in the areas of turnover and employee development due to a manager only rewarding and reprimanding based on sales revenue results. Long-term sales revenue will not be maximized when turnover is high and employees are not growing.

2. Activity Levels

When figuring out how to measure sales effectiveness, we can look at activity levels. Where the number of cold calls leads to a number of appointments which leads to the level of lead generation there’s definitely a sales funnel at play.

One way to provide very valuable data that should be factored in when measuring sales performance is to use a system to monitor and track activity levels in terms of calls made, appointments set and completed, and leads produced.

3. Hours Worked

How much is the sales resource working? This is a key question as many sales positions have certain amounts of freedom from a lack of fixed hours and schedule. Is the sales resource putting in the right amount of hours per week or taking advantage of this freedom?

Of course, a manager might not care how much time is being put in if the sales resource’s performance is well. If performance could be better, this is an area that could explain what is going and is fairly easy to adjust.

4. Productivity

You get a metric of productivity by dividing the activity by the hours worked. A very important metric to look at is how to measure sales effectiveness as it can show if the resource is efficient and working hard.

There may be a reason to look into what the employee is doing if the activity levels are high, but it takes too many hours to get there.

5. Sales Messaging

It’s not enough to just look at how hard and how much the sales resource is working. It is also necessary to measure as well as monitor what they’re doing while they’re working in terms of sales messaging.

When talking with prospects, are they saying the right points and asking the right questions? Having the wrong messaging, no matter how hard they have worked, will not yield the best results.

6. Tactics and Techniques

Lastly, the thing to look at with how to measure sales effectiveness is identifying if the sales resource is using the right tactics and techniques. Is the resource utilizing the tactics and techniques they have been trained on?

Launch Pad Solutions provides a sales script tool that helps with how to measure sales.

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Four Keys to Successful Sales Campaigns

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Running sales campaigns can be one effective way to generate leads. Here are few things that can be done to make your campaigns more successful.

1. Define the target audience

Clearly define the target audience for the campaign in terms of identifying the prospects that are the best fit in terms of needing your products and also have the best probability moving forward. This will help to ensure that the investment of money and time is spent in the right area which can definitely have a positive impact on the overall results of the campaign.

2. Build a good target list

Once you know what your target prospect looks like, it is time to build the attack list for the campaign. There are many different sources that can be used for building an attack list. You can either pull the list from your existing database of customers and prospects or you can use external resources to produce your lists for sales campaigns.

3. Multi-touch approach

One way to improve the results from the sales campaigns is to use a multi-touch approach in terms of how you communicate to the target prospects. Not only do you want to reach out to the prospects with multiple attempts, but reaching them with different forms of communications can also greatly improve the probability that your message gets delivered.

An example of a multi-touch approach could be to hit your prospect with an email, a cold call, and a piece of direct mail and have those scheduled to hit a prospect in a particular order with a specific amount of time in between.

4. Sales messaging

Good sales campaigns can usually be traced back to solid sales messaging. When looking to improve results, there is usually always room for improvement when it comes to sales messaging as we can always find better ways to get the prospect’s attention.

One quick place to start is to look at your messaging and identify if you are focused more on products and features or if you are focused on value and prospect’s needs. The prospect primarily cares about their problems and desires and the more you can focus and connect with that, the more likely you are to get their attention.

Launch Pad Solutions provides lead generation services helping businesses to create successful sales campaigns.

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Eight Ways to Improve Outbound Sales

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Many organizations and sales professionals rely on some amount of outbound sales efforts to generate leads.  With being the case, it is can be advantageous to identify ways to improve this area and below are some very clear and practical ways to drive improvements.

1. Invest in Cold Call Training

There are a number of techniques and tactics that can be used when making cold calls and performing outbound sales activities.  Just simply working hard and making a high volume of calls by itself is not enough.  This is why there can be tremendous benefits to investing in some form of cold call training.

2. Prepare for Objections

We will face objections on just about every outbound sales call that we make.  Being prepared for these in terms of know what objections to anticipate and having responses prepared improve the odds of keeping the call going this alone can have a big impact on our results.

3. Qualify the Prospect

Since time is limited and valuable, we must find a way to spend more time with the prospects that are most likely to buy something and decrease the amount of time that we spend with the prospects that aren’t.  The best way to accomplish this during outbound sales is to improve our ability to effectively qualify the prospects that we chose to work with.  To help with this we can focus on asking questions that qualify the prospect to measure how much potential they have for purchasing.

4. Focus on the Ideal Prospect

We can likely sell our products to many different types of prospects.  And if we look at the different types of prospects in terms of characteristics, there are likely some prospects that fit better than others in terms of need and ability to buy.  These could be called our ideal prospect and are likely the prospects that fit best with the business value that we have to offer and have the best chances of purchasing from us.

5. Have Some Sort of Script

We never really know where a cold call is going to go so it can be difficult to plan exactly what to do and what to say.  But even with that being the case, we can still have some sort of script to work off of to improve our results.  this does not need to be some lengthy script that needs to be read word for word.  But some sort of outlines that identifies an introduction and key questions and goals of the call can improve results.

7. Sales Coaching

Investing time and energy in sales coaching can help improve outbound sales results as it can help to build and manage a growth plan.  Sale coaching could be provided informally between piers or from a manager or could be implemented formally from an external sales coach.

8. Sales Outsourcing

One available option for improving outbound activity is to simply outsource it.  There are many firms that businesses can transfer cold calling or lead generation over to.  There are many benefits to this arrangement as a business that focuses solely on outbound selling can often generate better results at a lower level of cost.

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Launch Pad Solutions provides sales training to improve outbound sales.

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Six Tips to Improve Selling

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

One of the great things about sales is that increasing extra effort does not always automatically improve selling.  This is great in some ways because it is a result of the fact that there are very clear and practical things that can be done to immediately improve results.

1. Qualify Prospects

When we are driven to increase sales, we can easily get down a path of trying to sell to everybody or sometimes anybody that is open to hearing our pitch.  The challenge with that is that not only to do some prospects fit better with the value that we have to offer than others, but some prospects have a very low probability of buying from us so any time spent on them is completely wasted.

By improving our ability to qualify prospects, we can identify those that are very qualified and those that are unqualified.  This can increase our time spent with good prospects and decrease out time spent with time wasters and this simple change can have an immediate impact on sales.

2.  Communicate Value

One of the main things that prospects care about is how we can help make their life better.  And it in B 2 B sales, this usually means how a vendor can help the prospect to increase revenue, decrease costs, or decrease risk.  By improving our ability to communicate the value that we have to offer, we will stand to improve selling.

3.  Prepare for Objections

from the prospect are just about guaranteed to come up frequently throughout the sales cycle.  If we can prepare for how to best respond to some of the common or anticipated objection, we can immediately improve sales performance.

4.  Build Rapport

Prospects are often more likely to buy from people they like.  As a result, if we can improve our ability to build rapport, we can improve selling.  Not only can building rapport help with improving our close rate, it will also help improve our ability to control and manage the sales cycle as prospects are more likely to respond and be cooperative with a sales person that they feel comfortable with and have a level of rapport with.

5.  Uncover Pain

When trying to improve sales, it is critical to be able to uncover pain.  Pain is something that is not working well or something that could be working better for the prospect.  Pain is critical to find as if there is no real pain, there is no real reason to change.  And if there is no reason to change, the prospect might not be qualified and then we should not spend a lot of our valuable time selling to them.  As a result, it is critical to uncover pain to improve results.

Not only will working to find pain help you to identify which prospects you should and should not spend time with, but finding pain will give you valuable information to use to push the opportunity forward through the sales cycle.

6.  Trial Close

Closing does not just happen at the end of the sales cycle.  It should and can happen at every step and in almost every discussion and this can be done through trial closing.  Trial closing is checking in with the prospect to identify what their thoughts are.  If you do this periodically during the sales cycle, you will have valuable information and this can help you to more effectively manage what information you share and what direction you go and this can improve selling.

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Outbound Solutions that Can Improve Sales Results

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Just about every business can benefit from some form of outbound solutions to drive an increase in sales.  Here are some solutions that can drive immediate results.

Cold Call Training

Investing in sales training for a sales force will usually deliver a return on investment.  Benefits usually result not only from a direct increase in sales, but can also decrease sales staff turnover and this can have an indirect impact on sales in the long-term.

When working to improve outbound sales, it can be beneficial to look for cold call training content that is very focused on outbound tactics hat can be utilized to drive immediate results.

Division of Labor

During a typical sales cycle, there are many different sales activities that will need to be executed.  These include outbound cold calls, responses to inbound leads, management of interactions with open opportunities, closing of deals, etc.

One of the available outbound solutions that can be incorporated is to divide the sales team so that certain sales resources that are specifically assigned to outbound activities.

This can position a sales organization for better sales results as most outbound activities almost require a different mindset and set of skills.  By having resources specifically dedicated to the area of outbound and lead generation, not only will the individual resources get better and be more productive, but accountability and measurement of results will also improve.

Compartmentalize the Calendar

If the option does not exist to create an outbound sales team, it can help if all sales resources work to compartmentalize the calendar to allocate time specifically for making outbound calls.

The reason this is helpful is that most people do not enjoy making cold calls.  With that being the case, it is very easy for other work to get in the way of making outbound calls and by allocating time specifically for cold calling, we can likely improve our consistency with completing outbound activity and effort.

Sales Coaching

Working on outbound activities can be challenging so there is definitely a place for some form of sales coaching.  This is because we are all human and because of that we can improve results by providing sales resources with sounding board to discuss challenges and ideas with, an outlet to vent frustrations, and a person to help encourage to keep the resource moving forward and keep them on track.

Sales coaching will also provide a venue for sales role-play to take place so that outbound scenarios can be practiced to improve performance when on working on the phone with prospects.

Prepare for Objections

We will always face objections on outbound calls so one of the outbound solutions that we can utilize is placing effort on preparing for the objections that we will encounter and identifying the responses that have the best chance of keeping the conversations going.

By going through an exercise of identifying the most likely objections that we will encounter and have the best responses listed out, we can then go through that like a playbook to improve our ability to control outbound sales calls.

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Launch Pad Solutions provides outbound solutions helping businesses to imrpve lead generation.

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Six Tips for Producing Good SEO Website Content

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

One effective way to improve search engine optimization rankings is to regularly produce good SEO website content. Whether it is hectic schedules or common cases of writers’ block, we can often find challenges with getting content on our websites. That being said, below are six tips that one can easily adopt to improve execution in this area.

1. Schedule Time

One of the keys to consistently producing SEO content is to schedule time with yourself during the week to work on producing content. If we don’t allocate time to work on writing content, we can likely always find ourselves too busy to get around to it. A good habit can be to pick the same day and time during the week to focus on this.

2. Pick Relevant Topic

The content produced should revolve around a topic that is relevant or related to the products and services that you sell. One way to arrive at a relevant topic is to reflect on recent weeks and think about something specific that happened with regard to the selling, delivery, or use of your products or services. Ideally this would be some way that business value was delivered and this can be the core topic that the SEO website content is built around.

3. Identify a Keyword Phrase

When working on SEO content, you will want to identify a keyword phrase that you want to get your website to rank on. In most cases, this will be different or a slight variation of the topic that you start out with. The two things you want to look at when selecting the right phrase is how often the phrase is searched and how many other businesses are trying to rank on it.

4. Breakdown the Topic

One thing that can help with the actual production of the content is to start by breaking down the topic right away by outlining subsections that you can write about that support the main topic. It will be much quick and easier to write SEO website content when you work on five related sections of 100 words each compared to one main section of 500 words.

5. Manage the Keyword Density Ratio

Effectively monitor and manage the keyword density ratio. This is the ratio of times that the keyword phrase appears in the website content compared to the total number words. The search engines scan the document and use this ratio to try to figure out what the article is about and it can help to try to use a ratio that will make them link the page to the keyword phrase.

6. Content Management System

It can be very helpful to have some sort of formal system to publish and manage that content that you produce and publish. There are content management systems (CMS) that websites can be built on top of and trying to produce content without this would create more work and slow down your progress.

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Launch Pad Solutions provides SEO consulting helping businesses to create a bidirectional lead generation process.

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Four Ways to Improve the Lead Generation Results

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

For many businesses, success is dependent on the ability to consistently generate leads.  With that being the case, there are some very basic things that can implemented to improve the lead generation results.

1. Improving Focus in the Area of Cold Calling

If cold calling plays a role in a business’ sales strategy, it can help to improve the level of focus that sales resources spend on creating leads.  One of the reasons that increasing the level focus with lead generation is important is that in many cases cold calling will not be one of the tasks that sales resources enjoy doing.  We can often either procrastinate or find something else to work on when it comes time to get on the phone to generate leads.

For some businesses, creating focus can be accomplished by creating an organization of resources that have the sole job of cold calling prospects to try to generate leads.  There are many benefits to having a dedicated group of individuals making calls as there are many tactics and skills that can be employed in this area and by having a group solely dedicated to the lead generation process, they can become specialized and experts in that particular area.

If there are not sales resources or funding available to create a lead generation group or team, a business has a couple of other options to create focus and improve results.  First, they can create an environment where the existing sales resources block out part of their calendar during the week to put shut everything else down and focus solely on cold calling to create leads.  The other option is fairly easy and cost effective and that is to simply outsource cold calling to an external company and this can ensure that resources will be clearly focused on the lead generation process.

2. Having the Right Incentives

Another key to improving the lead generation results is to focus on having the right incentives in place to motivate the behavior needed to increase the level of leads being produced.  Sales people can often be coin operated and typically invest time, energy, and interest in the areas that will provide the best return.  If a business wants to increase the level of leads being produced, a first place to start is to ensure that the right incentives are in place to reward the desired behavior and results.

3. Improve Search Engine Optimization

If a company is not aware of or actively incorporating search engine optimization (SEO) concepts into its sales strategy, it could be missing out on one of the most powerful lead generation channels available.  This should be a key component of any lead generation strategy.

4. Increase the Level of Networking

If there is not a satisfactory level of leads being produced, we should look at the level of networking that is taking place as the power of networking can be amazing in terms of finding leads and increasing sales.  Networking can mean different things to different people, but in this context we are talking about professional business networking that is done at events and in person.  Although, now with all of the new forms of social media, there is tremendous amount of work that we can do and virtually through social networks that are on line.

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Diversifying the Lead Generation Effort to Drive Sales Results

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Almost every business has an interest in generating leads in order to drive growth and profitability. With that being the case, it can be helpful to diversify the lead generation process as this can help improve overall results and decrease risk. Diversifying lead gen can involve using different resources and methods to trigger leads and new business.

Improving Overall Results

By having a diversified approach to generating leads, we can increase our results by improving three key areas:

Improving coverage: By using multiple methods to try to generate leads, we will increase the total number of prospects that we are reaching and this will improve our coverage and exposure across our target market. If our business model is solid and our messaging is strong, then there should be a correlation between the number of prospects that we reach and the number of leads we produce driving an improvement in overall results.

Connecting in the right way: Each prospect communicates and operates differently. For example, some prospects answer the phone and some never do. Some prospects will read and respond to email and some get so much email that your emails will practically go straight to a trash can. By having a diversified approach to the lead generation activities, we can improve our odds of communicating the way that fits and connects best with the prospect and this can improve our odds of getting into the account and creating a lead.

Getting attention through repetition: Another benefit to having a diversified approach for lead gen is that we will likely have our messaging exposed to the same prospect’s on multiple occasions. By hitting the prospect on more than one occasion, we can improve our probability of getting their attention and getting in.

Decreasing Risk

Since the lead generation process is likely critical to the health of the business, there is business risk associated with the possibility that the process doesn’t produce results. In other words, if the sales organization is not able to create leads, there will be a negative impact on new business revenue and this could have an impact on the health and future of the business.

With so much riding on generating leads, we can decrease this risk by diversifying the methods that we use to producing leads. It is as simple as not putting your eggs in one basket. By investing time and money in different lead gen methods for producing results, we can create and environment where results come in from different sources and this will decrease our dependence and reliance on just one lead gen method.

In addition to lead gen methods varying in terms of results, they also can vary in terms of the amount of time to see results. For example, the direct interaction of cold calling may drive quicker results and responses than email marketing or search engine optimization. By have a diversified approach, we can balance out the variance in timing of leads produced, which will help to decrease risk in the area of lead gen.

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