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Building Your Cold Call Email Strategy

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

A cold call email strategy can plan a large role in sales prospecting as both cold calling and email are two main communications methods.

Creating and Using Cold Call Email Templates

Creating and using email templates can be a key component to a successful strategy. This is because having templates that you can use again and again and skip the effort of crafting every email you send can save you a tremendous amount of time.

Email First Strategy

One point to identify is whether you are going to cold call first or you are going to email the prospect first. If you are going to email first, you will of course need to already have the prospect’s email address.

Emailing first can have some benefits as it can help to warm up the cold call. Although, that can also work against this cold call email approach as the prospect may read your email and begin to formulate a negative impression or position before receiving your call. This means that once they answer your call, they may have a preconceived position on what you are calling about and already have objections established and ready for you.

Cold Call First Strategy

The other cold call email option is to cold call first and send emails after that. This focuses on reaching out over the phone first but always following up prospecting conversations or voicemails with an email.

The good thing about calling first is that you start with a clean slate in terms of what the prospect knows about you and why you are calling. This allows you to use verbal words in place of written words to trigger interest.


Once you figure out how you are going to mix your cold calling and email marketing together, you can spend some time to figure out the cadence you are going to use in terms of how many calls to make and emails to send.

One factor to look at here is if and when voicemails are being left.  Every voicemail should be followed up with an email right after. But an effective strategy may only involve a leaving a voicemail every 5 to 10 cold call attempts.

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How to Achieve Sales Revenue Maximization

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Reaching sales revenue maximization is a common goal for business owners, sales managers, and sales professionals. Here are a few things that can be done drive progress in this area.

Increase Lead Generation

In order to maximize and increase sales revenue, there must be success in the area of generating leads. There are key things that can be changed and invested in to drive the quantity and quality of leads.

Focus on Networking

One of the quickest and most effective ways to trigger lead generation is to invest time and energy into professional networking. This is not only a productive way to find and connect with prospects, it is also a great way to establish referral partners that can send leads to you down the road.

Improve Cold Calling

There are many challenges that come when performing cold calling. But when done correctly, cold calling can be a key to sales revenue maximization.

Outsource Cold Calling

Cold calling can not only be difficult to successfully do, it can also be expensive from a management and execution standpoint. One way to decrease costs in this area and improve results at the same time is to outsource the responsibility of cold calling to an external service provider.

Groom Sales Resources

In order to achieve sales revenue maximization, it is critical to groom and improve the sales resources of the organization.

Continue to Develop

The profession of sales truly is a skill. And with that, it is something that can be learned and improved.

There is always room for growth and, in order to maximize results, it is important to continue to develop the level of sales knowledge of the sales resources. This can be accomplished through a mix of sales management, sales training, and sales coaching.

Minimize Turnover

It is also just as critical to be able to retain the resources and minimize sales staff turnover. When you factor in all of the business that is lost when sales people leave, sales turnover can be one of the biggest costs for a business.

Drive Efficiencies

In order to achieve sales revenue maximization, it is critical to make the sales efforts and team efficient. One way to make the sales process more efficient is to digitize customer and sales information. The common way this is being done today is through the use of a customer relationship management system. But the key here is getting the sales team to fully utilize and embrace the software.

Another way to drive efficiencies is to automate where possible. Whether it is automating sales tasks like sending emails or automating sales training, every step that can be automated means an additional step in front of a client can be added.

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Five Ways to Decrease Costs with Sales Outsourcing

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

It seems like you can add just about anything these days and sales outsourcing certainly has a place on the list.  And just like everything else, there are pros and cons that come with outsourcing part of a sales operation and one of the pros is that a decrease in cost is very likely.  Below is a summary of where cost improvements can be achieved.

1. Overhead

There is also a tremendous amount of overhead that can be decreased by outsourcing part of the sales process as there are likely less employees or less work that will need to be completed on the company’s premises.

For example, each sales employee will need some sort of workspace and this space will have some sort of cost in terms of real estate expenses, office furniture, office supplies, etc.  This cost can be decreased by transferring some sales responsibilities over to a sales outsourcer.

2. IT Infrastructure

For each sales employee, a company will need to procure or provision a certain amount of IT equipment and systems.  For example, a typical sales employee will at minimum need a PC and a phone, and if they are a field resource, they may also need a cell phone and email messaging device.  Through sales outsourcing, there can be immediate cost savings by eliminating the need to procure and allocate all of this equipment.

And the IT savings do not end there.  There can also be cost savings in the areas of software, services, and IT support.  These are all costs that will be decreases as roles and responsibilities are transferred over to a sales outsourcer.

3. Recruiting and Training

There will always be a decent level of sales staff turnover so there is a cost for the time and energy spent recruiting and training sales resources.  When sales activities are transferred over to a sales outsourcer, the time and energy required for recruiting and training will be transferred over to the sales outsourcer and this will decrease costs.

4. Management

Every sales resource will need to be managed.  When work and roles are passed over to an outsourcing provider, the management of those sales resources is also transferred and this can help to decrease costs.

5. Benefits

If benefits are included in the standard compensation plan, but transferred work and roles over to a sales outsourcer, there will be decrease in the number of individuals that benefits are provided for.  With the rising cost of healthcare, factoring in benefits to the total cost of these employees can make them very expensive.  With outsourcing, a business will not be responsible for this cost as the work will now be performed by resources that are employed by another organization, which can help companies to decrease costs and improve their cost structure.

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