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Sales Growth? 6 Webinars and ebooks to Generate Leads and Convert them to Customers

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

top sales tipsEvery business and sales professional has the desire and need to achieve sales growth. With the difficulty to get prospects on the phone, it is critical to incorporate an email strategy that is effective at getting the prospect’s attention and getting you in the door. Even though that is a reasonable thought, it still can be challenging to figure out how to best utilize the valuable tool of email marketing.

The Environment
It is important to know the environment that you are operating in in order to figure out how to best operate. The first thing to be cognizant of is your prospects are likely getting a large volume of emails from sales people like you. And to add another challenge to that, your prospects are likely extremely busy.

This is the environment. There is nothing that you can do to change any of that. Acknowledge this. Be aware of what you have to deal with so that you can design the best approach.

The Good News
The good news is that there are some very clear and practical things that you can do to improve your results and effectiveness. We will share those with you and if you apply some of the tips that we share, you will likely see an immediate improvement in your results.

The Solution – The Magic 5 of Email Content Based Email Campaigns that Drive Sales
SalesNexus recently released a series of 6 Sales Growth Webinars and accompanying eBooks that outline the process of targeting prospects, engaging them with emails and drawing them toward your business as long term customers. The first of these is “The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales.”

Start with these three sets of five emails. They should be easy to identify and create.

5 PAINS: What are the most common pains your service addresses? When you work with your ideal client, what problems do you solve? You want to look beyond the technical pain of what needs fixing to the business pain that causes them economic loss. The most effective way to develop trust is to dig deep into discovering the REAL pain…what causes them to lose sleep?

5 QUALIFYING QUESTIONS: How do you know when they’re ready to buy? Can you quantify what sort of clients brings you a higher average sale? Don’t spend much time on demographics. Instead, focus on identifying the decision maker and budget. You can easily determine your qualifying questions by tracking the data on your CRM.

5 FAQs: What questions are most commonly asked by those who are interested in what you offer? Do they ask about the set up process or delivery time? When they are ready to buy, do they want to know the difficulty of set up or installation? Do they inquire about your customer service option or refund policy?
It really is easy to start developing relationships with your prospective customers when you use a CRM solution to manage the sales process and gather data. When your email program is integrated into the CRM, it is even easier. Check out what is possible by attending a series of Sales Growth Webinars at no cost to you.

The Magic 5 process is the key to filling your pipeline with quality leads that your sales team can close now. The Sales Growth Webinar series dives into the specific components of identifying your customer’s pain, qualifying sales leads, managing your pipeline, forecasting future sales, sharing information with your team and effective sales messaging.

View the entire series of webinars on video at your convenience and download each ebook here or choose the specific topics you’re most interested in:

The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales
A simple 5 step process to create on-going, automated email campaigns that engage your audience and identify highly qualified prospects.

Building a Successful Marketing and Sales Process by Identifying Your Customer’s “Pain”
How to identify the emotional circumstances that cause customers to buy from you, how to question prospects to diagnose their “pains” and build sales processes that win!

How to Qualify Sales Leads and Focus on Sales Growth that’s Profitable
Use simple questioning techniques to determine if a sales lead will purchase and the powerful impact of consistent qualifying.

Manage a Sales Process of Actions that Lead to Sales Growth
What should be measured in every sales process, how to set goals for and measure it and how to manage sales people to achieve business growth.

360 degree View of the Customer Relationship for Business Growth
How strong relationships between customers and companies drive business growth and the risk of mistaking a customer to sales person relationship with a customer to company relationship.

The 4 Pillars of a Sales Messaging Strategy that Drives Growth
How to communicate what your products and services do for your customers, get their attention and understand their needs, with Michael Halper, author of “The Cold Calling Equation”

By simply taking some of the concepts discussed in these books and modules, you are likely to see immediate results in terms of sales growth.


Sales Scripts that Sell

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

It can be the difference between success and failure being able to develop sales scripts that sell. Commonly, it is believed that there’s not much which can be done to make a sales script better as well as it’s really simply the product that’s going to sell. In reality, there are fundamental things which can be done to improve the effectiveness of your script.  They are outlined below.

Communicate Value

Effectively communicating the value we have to offer to prospects that we speak with is one thing often left out or forgotten when developing sales scripts that sell. Of course we are great at explaining what our products do and how wonderful they are, but that doesn’t communicate the value that we have to offer.

“What is in it for me?” is the main thing prospects are concerned with and the value that you offer answers that question. How your product helps is value.

Qualify the Prospect

Questions which qualify the prospect are another thing to include in sales scripts that sell. Qualifying questions check to see how if what we have to offer is a fit for the prospects.

Attempting to sell to everybody that we get the opportunity to speak with is one common mistake made. Realistically, not everybody is a good fit so we should ask some qualifying questions to help qualify or disqualify the prospect.

Find Prospect Pain

By developing your qualifying questions correctly, it helps to find pain when you go through them with the prospect. One of the important keys to developing sales scripts that sell is having the ability to find pain.

When a prospect presents no pain, there isn’t a reason for the prospect to make a purchase. On the flips side, the more pain that we are able to uncover, the higher the likelihood of the prospect to move forward with a purchase.

Build Interest

People sometimes think that the prospect will find out what your product is about and either have interest or not. This is not exactly true because there are many things which you can say about your product and your company to create interest as well as you can develop your sales script so that it contains powerful building interest points which are vital for creating sales scripts that sell.

Build Rapport

One of the major keys to success is building rapport because people buy from people that they like as well as establishing rapport assists in getting the prospect to be responsive, share information, and be in agreement to commit to the next step. There are some small things which can be added to develop sales scripts that sell.

Build Credibility

Building credibility is often skipped. When trying to develop a powerful sales script, you it is helpful to include name drops as well as customer examples which help to establish your credibility early on and this develops sales scripts that sell.

Launch Pad Solutions provides a sales script development tool that helps to create sales scripts that sell.


How to Maximize Sales

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

How to Maximize SalesEvery business owner has how to maximize sales as a top priority and there are many areas that can be worked on to be consistent and successful in accomplishing this goal. Improving the people that are on the frontlines selling is an area that time and effort can be spent.

Hire Good Sales People

A critical area which often doesn’t get enough attention is trying to make the best hire possible in terms of the sales resources that are added to the team. Selling and running the business is what most sales people and managers want. Due to recruiting and interviewing being a distraction from that, we can be not as thorough in the vetting process.

We can stand to get hit in a couple of areas in terms of costs when we don’t hire the right resources. The first cost is we can spend a tremendous amount in terms of staffing and training on someone that doesn’t produce or stay for a long period. Secondly, the other and more significant cost that hits us is the opportunity cost from all of the deals that are missed and lost while we don’t have the optimal resource in place.

Spending more time and being more thorough when looking to add or replace sales resources and improve how to maximize sales is the solution. It is important to add more steps to the process, use more structure in the questions and analysis as well as look at both qualitative and quantitative metrics.

Provide Solid Sales Training

With the right resources in place, what is the process in place to get their level on knowledge and skills where they need to be for how to maximize sales? Is any type of sales training program and process in place?

Commonly, sales managers and business owners hire sales people that have experience and have the mindset that they have experience and know what to do. In reality, they may be new to the company and the industry and there is training needed in those areas. Also, in the area of sales skills, there is always room for improvement and development.

Provide Direction through Sales Coaching

The grooming of sales resources does not stop when the direction and knowledge has been established. There is a need to continue to develop and guide through sales coaching.

With sales coaching, there is an ongoing activity where we work with the frontline sales resources to identify goals, problems, opportunities, and more. Likely, you can have more clarity with how to maximize sales by continuing to work with the resources to make sure they are progressing and staying on track.

Minimize Sales Staff Turnover

When the right resources are in place, and you have invested a large amount in them in terms of training and coaching, and they are now producing, this results in you doing everything you can to keep those resources and minimize sales turnover.

Sales staff turnover will always exist, but there are things that can be done to minimize it. Such as consistent management, well structure compensation plans, empowerment, communication, and coaching to decrease turnover.

Launch Pad Solutions provides sales coaching helping business with how to maximize sales.

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How to Measure Sales Effectiveness

Saturday, September 8th, 2012

The management of a sales team can be greatly improved by knowing how to measure sales effectiveness. You will not have the information you need to make the minor adjustments to help increase your sales, if you don’t know what individuals are doing well and what areas need improvement. Following are six areas to observe when measuring sales effectiveness.

1. Sales Revenue

The obvious point is to use sales revenue to measure results. Every sales manager presently uses this metric to measure performance. Importantly, where the problem lies is that many sales leaders only look at this metric when managing a sales team.

There could be negative impacts in the areas of turnover and employee development due to a manager only rewarding and reprimanding based on sales revenue results. Long-term sales revenue will not be maximized when turnover is high and employees are not growing.

2. Activity Levels

When figuring out how to measure sales effectiveness, we can look at activity levels. Where the number of cold calls leads to a number of appointments which leads to the level of lead generation there’s definitely a sales funnel at play.

One way to provide very valuable data that should be factored in when measuring sales performance is to use a system to monitor and track activity levels in terms of calls made, appointments set and completed, and leads produced.

3. Hours Worked

How much is the sales resource working? This is a key question as many sales positions have certain amounts of freedom from a lack of fixed hours and schedule. Is the sales resource putting in the right amount of hours per week or taking advantage of this freedom?

Of course, a manager might not care how much time is being put in if the sales resource’s performance is well. If performance could be better, this is an area that could explain what is going and is fairly easy to adjust.

4. Productivity

You get a metric of productivity by dividing the activity by the hours worked. A very important metric to look at is how to measure sales effectiveness as it can show if the resource is efficient and working hard.

There may be a reason to look into what the employee is doing if the activity levels are high, but it takes too many hours to get there.

5. Sales Messaging

It’s not enough to just look at how hard and how much the sales resource is working. It is also necessary to measure as well as monitor what they’re doing while they’re working in terms of sales messaging.

When talking with prospects, are they saying the right points and asking the right questions? Having the wrong messaging, no matter how hard they have worked, will not yield the best results.

6. Tactics and Techniques

Lastly, the thing to look at with how to measure sales effectiveness is identifying if the sales resource is using the right tactics and techniques. Is the resource utilizing the tactics and techniques they have been trained on?

Launch Pad Solutions provides a sales script tool that helps with how to measure sales.

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Building Your Cold Call Email Strategy

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

A cold call email strategy can plan a large role in sales prospecting as both cold calling and email are two main communications methods.

Creating and Using Cold Call Email Templates

Creating and using email templates can be a key component to a successful strategy. This is because having templates that you can use again and again and skip the effort of crafting every email you send can save you a tremendous amount of time.

Email First Strategy

One point to identify is whether you are going to cold call first or you are going to email the prospect first. If you are going to email first, you will of course need to already have the prospect’s email address.

Emailing first can have some benefits as it can help to warm up the cold call. Although, that can also work against this cold call email approach as the prospect may read your email and begin to formulate a negative impression or position before receiving your call. This means that once they answer your call, they may have a preconceived position on what you are calling about and already have objections established and ready for you.

Cold Call First Strategy

The other cold call email option is to cold call first and send emails after that. This focuses on reaching out over the phone first but always following up prospecting conversations or voicemails with an email.

The good thing about calling first is that you start with a clean slate in terms of what the prospect knows about you and why you are calling. This allows you to use verbal words in place of written words to trigger interest.


Once you figure out how you are going to mix your cold calling and email marketing together, you can spend some time to figure out the cadence you are going to use in terms of how many calls to make and emails to send.

One factor to look at here is if and when voicemails are being left.  Every voicemail should be followed up with an email right after. But an effective strategy may only involve a leaving a voicemail every 5 to 10 cold call attempts.

Launch Pad Solutions provides a sales script tool helping with a cold call email strategy.

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Compartmentalize Your Life when Building Your Business

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

One of the most challenging things to take on in life can sometimes be building your business. A tactic that can be employed to minimize this challenge and improve the probability of success is compartmentalizing your life.

There are many different hats that you have to wear when starting a business.  You might be in charge of sales, HR, legal, operations, marketing, accounting, finance, etc.  You also have a life to live and might have responsibilities in the family department as well as personal interests.

One way to deal with this heavy load is to break down the week into different compartments.  From there, we can focus primarily in one area that we have responsibility over and minimize our thoughts and attention in the other areas during that time.


You likely will need to focus on sales everyday and all day when building your business.  But even if you are always selling in some way or another, it can help to block out some time that is dedicated primarily to sales.


There might be recurring accounting needs that need to be taken care of when managing your business.  One way to not only keep the books straight and clean, but to also decrease some stress that can be created by this area, is to set aside some time each week where everything else is shut down and the focus is put on the accounting work that needs to be completed.


Two effective marketing tactics for building your business might be search engine optimization and social media.  While these two tactics can be highly effective, they can also be extremely time consuming.  Setting time aside side specifically for blogging, improving the website, and ignite social media can help to make sure enough time gets spent in this area.

Physical Fitness

A personal compartment that is very important and helpful is to have one for physical fitness.  Building a business can sometimes mean working everyday and sometimes all day.  When this is the case, this can take a toll on both your mind and your body.  To help with this, you can set time aside to turn everything off and focus on working on you and your body.

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Launch Pad Solutions provides sales coaching helping you to build your business.

Five Challenges of being an Inside Sales Manager

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

There are many challenges that come with being an inside sales manager and effectively dealing with those can directly lead to success.

1.  Interviewing

Finding good and right resources for inside sales positions can be challenging.  Cold calling and selling over the phone takes a particular type of person and you really never know how a sales resource is going to develop in terms of results and length of employment.

By finding a way to improve the interview process, a sales manager can create a tremendous improvement on the operation and results.  Using tools and processes to effectively screen applicants to identify the best matched applicants will help with the interviewing challenge.

2.  Training

Training is not something that will just need to be handled with newly hired sales resources.  It is also something that will need to be done on a continual basis.

There will always be some level of turnover so an inside sales manager does not want to spend too much time and money training a new inside sales rep as you do not know how long they will be around.

One way to improve the area of sales training is to automate as much as possible through e-learning.  From there, there can be a division between upfront training then additional training that can be delivered later as the rep gets going.

3.  Productivity

Inside sales resources can be expensive when you factor in compensation, overhead, and the opportunity cost for their position.  Due to this, it is critical to get as much productivity out of each resource as possible.

An inside sales manager can use quantitative metrics like dials, calls answered, talk time, number of hits, etc. to manage and increase inside sales productivity.

4.  Effectiveness

In addition to making sure resources are productive, it is also important to manage their level of effectiveness.  Using tools like sales role-play, call monitoring, and sales coaching can help an inside sales manager to ensure that inside sales resources are embracing the sales training concepts and following the plan and strategy that has been developed.

5.  Retention

This cost of sales staff turnover is tremendous, especially when you factor in the cost opportunity cost from all the lost business while the position is open and new resources are being ramped up.  As a result, an inside sales manager can create positive results by minimizing finding a way to control and decrease sales staff turnover.  Managing and leading with clear goals, sufficient training, recurring coaching, and an attention on results can help in this area.

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Launch Pad Solutions provides sales coaching help an inside sales manager to improve results.

Seven Keys to Improving Lead Gen

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

Lead gen is usually critical to a business’ success and there are some very clear things that can be done to improve results.

1.  Establish Bidirectional Traffic

When working to build improve lead generation, we can establish a strategy where leads are produced from both outbound and inbound directions.  Inbound leads refers to leads coming from the outside in through techniques like search engine optimization.  Outbound activities or traffic would most likely involve some form of cold calling or telemarketing.

2.  Having an Outbound Focus

If outbound sales is a component of the lead generation strategy, it can help tremendously to have resources that are dedicated in some way or another to spend time on outbound activities.  This is important as outbound sales requires not only a very different mindset, but also a different set of skills.

3.  Incorporate Business Networking

Business networking can often be one of the most quickest and most effective ways to generate leads.  With face to face interactions and building relationships, there can be an immediate impact on the number of prospects and referrals.  Networking can be accomplished by attending events, getting involved in different organizations, participating in activities, etc.

4.  Embracing Social Media

We can use social media platforms to easily and quickly grow our network of contacts and connections around the globe.  Once these connections are made, we utilize this network to learn about others, share information and collaborate and this type of activity can plant seeds that can help to produce leads and referrals.

5.  Search Engine Optimization

One of the best and most powerful tools to use to trigger lead gen is to invest time, effort, and money into search engine optimization.  SEO is a methodology used for improving the traffic that search engines send to a business’ website.  The more successful you can be at this, the more targeted traffic that you will get to your site and this can have an immediate and positive impact on lead generation.

6.  Sales Outsourcing

There can be an instance where a business does not have time to perform outbound lead generation activities.  And it might not be feasible to hire resources to do this.  When this is the case, the option always exists to utilize sales outsourcing to increase results.

7.  Cold Call Training

With any lead gen strategy, there will usually be some amount of cold calling required.  And there are clear things that can be done to improve results and effectiveness with cold calling.  By investing time and resources in cold call training, an immediate improvement in leads being produced.

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Launch Pad Solutions provides lead generations services helping businesses to improve lead gen.

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Five Tips for Making the Outgoing Call

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

When it is time to make an outgoing call in a sales role, there are a few very clear things that can be done to improve effectiveness.

1.  Improving the Mind

Making outgoing sales calls can one of the more challenging jobs from a mental standpoint.  This is because we stand to reach people that do not want to talk with us and we could face some form of rejection.  This potential outcome can create cold call anxiety and this feeling can be comparable to how a man feels when he needs to walk over to a woman he does not know to start a conversation.

There are a few things we can do to decrease this resistance and improve your mental state:

Be aware of your value:
When we are cold calling, we can easily feel like we need to sell the prospect so we need them.  But if we truly have value to offer, then we can help the prospect and by keeping the value that we have to offer in mind, we can shift from a mental frame of needing to one of offering to help.

Utilize sales affirmations: Sales affirmations are confirming statements about what you, your products, and your company have to offer.  When we deal with rejection or the daily battles against fierce competition, we can lose site of all of the good things we have to stand behind.  Sales affirmations can help us to remind ourselves of these and if we go through those regularly, we can improve our mental frame.

2.  Have a Value Statement

A value statement should be delivered at the beginning of an outgoing call is to communicate to a new contact what you have to offer and this can tell them why they should spend the next two to five minutes talking to you.

3.  Prepare for Objections

We stand to run up against objections on almost every outgoing call.  To improve sales and effectiveness, we can easily prepare for these objections by listing out which ones are likely to get thrown at us and then script out the best responses that stand to keep the call going.

4.  Perform Some Research

One way to improve outgoing calls is to perform some research prior to the call.  This could involve researching the company, the individual we are calling, and any history between our company and the prospect.  The information that you collect during research may enable you to modify the questions that you ask to make them more tailored to the prospect, which can make your questioning more powerful.

5.  Cold Call Script

You never really know what direction an outgoing call is going to go so one way to decrease the uncertainty is to develop and use some sort of cold call script.  This does not need to be some lengthy and verbose script that needs to be read word for word.  We can at least use some sort of an outline as a guide or as a tool to figure out what direction to take the call and this can greatly improve results.

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Launch Pad Solutions provides cold call training helping sales pros with making the outgoing call.

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Outbound Solutions that Can Improve Sales Results

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Just about every business can benefit from some form of outbound solutions to drive an increase in sales.  Here are some solutions that can drive immediate results.

Cold Call Training

Investing in sales training for a sales force will usually deliver a return on investment.  Benefits usually result not only from a direct increase in sales, but can also decrease sales staff turnover and this can have an indirect impact on sales in the long-term.

When working to improve outbound sales, it can be beneficial to look for cold call training content that is very focused on outbound tactics hat can be utilized to drive immediate results.

Division of Labor

During a typical sales cycle, there are many different sales activities that will need to be executed.  These include outbound cold calls, responses to inbound leads, management of interactions with open opportunities, closing of deals, etc.

One of the available outbound solutions that can be incorporated is to divide the sales team so that certain sales resources that are specifically assigned to outbound activities.

This can position a sales organization for better sales results as most outbound activities almost require a different mindset and set of skills.  By having resources specifically dedicated to the area of outbound and lead generation, not only will the individual resources get better and be more productive, but accountability and measurement of results will also improve.

Compartmentalize the Calendar

If the option does not exist to create an outbound sales team, it can help if all sales resources work to compartmentalize the calendar to allocate time specifically for making outbound calls.

The reason this is helpful is that most people do not enjoy making cold calls.  With that being the case, it is very easy for other work to get in the way of making outbound calls and by allocating time specifically for cold calling, we can likely improve our consistency with completing outbound activity and effort.

Sales Coaching

Working on outbound activities can be challenging so there is definitely a place for some form of sales coaching.  This is because we are all human and because of that we can improve results by providing sales resources with sounding board to discuss challenges and ideas with, an outlet to vent frustrations, and a person to help encourage to keep the resource moving forward and keep them on track.

Sales coaching will also provide a venue for sales role-play to take place so that outbound scenarios can be practiced to improve performance when on working on the phone with prospects.

Prepare for Objections

We will always face objections on outbound calls so one of the outbound solutions that we can utilize is placing effort on preparing for the objections that we will encounter and identifying the responses that have the best chance of keeping the conversations going.

By going through an exercise of identifying the most likely objections that we will encounter and have the best responses listed out, we can then go through that like a playbook to improve our ability to control outbound sales calls.

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Launch Pad Solutions provides outbound solutions helping businesses to imrpve lead generation.

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