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How to Maximize Sales

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

How to Maximize SalesEvery business owner has how to maximize sales as a top priority and there are many areas that can be worked on to be consistent and successful in accomplishing this goal. Improving the people that are on the frontlines selling is an area that time and effort can be spent.

Hire Good Sales People

A critical area which often doesn’t get enough attention is trying to make the best hire possible in terms of the sales resources that are added to the team. Selling and running the business is what most sales people and managers want. Due to recruiting and interviewing being a distraction from that, we can be not as thorough in the vetting process.

We can stand to get hit in a couple of areas in terms of costs when we don’t hire the right resources. The first cost is we can spend a tremendous amount in terms of staffing and training on someone that doesn’t produce or stay for a long period. Secondly, the other and more significant cost that hits us is the opportunity cost from all of the deals that are missed and lost while we don’t have the optimal resource in place.

Spending more time and being more thorough when looking to add or replace sales resources and improve how to maximize sales is the solution. It is important to add more steps to the process, use more structure in the questions and analysis as well as look at both qualitative and quantitative metrics.

Provide Solid Sales Training

With the right resources in place, what is the process in place to get their level on knowledge and skills where they need to be for how to maximize sales? Is any type of sales training program and process in place?

Commonly, sales managers and business owners hire sales people that have experience and have the mindset that they have experience and know what to do. In reality, they may be new to the company and the industry and there is training needed in those areas. Also, in the area of sales skills, there is always room for improvement and development.

Provide Direction through Sales Coaching

The grooming of sales resources does not stop when the direction and knowledge has been established. There is a need to continue to develop and guide through sales coaching.

With sales coaching, there is an ongoing activity where we work with the frontline sales resources to identify goals, problems, opportunities, and more. Likely, you can have more clarity with how to maximize sales by continuing to work with the resources to make sure they are progressing and staying on track.

Minimize Sales Staff Turnover

When the right resources are in place, and you have invested a large amount in them in terms of training and coaching, and they are now producing, this results in you doing everything you can to keep those resources and minimize sales turnover.

Sales staff turnover will always exist, but there are things that can be done to minimize it. Such as consistent management, well structure compensation plans, empowerment, communication, and coaching to decrease turnover.

Launch Pad Solutions provides sales coaching helping business with how to maximize sales.

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Two Keys for How to Get More Sales

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

We all have some level of interest in how to get more sales.  Here are a few very simple and practical things that we can do to improve this area.

1.  Increase Number of New Prospects that You Touch

For increasing sales from new prospects, one key variable that we need to focus on is the number of prospects that we are able to reach and connect with.  Here are a few ways to increase productivity and effectiveness in this area.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO can be one of the most powerful and effective methods for a business to use to connect with new prospects.  This is making a website more know by search engines so that targeted traffic gets routed to the business’ website.

Email Marketing: A very cost effective way to communicate with and stay in touch with new prospects.

Cold Calling: One of the most common and well known ways for a business or sales person to connect with new prospects.  Technology has changed providing both sales people with other prospecting tools, but there is still place in prospecting by picking up the phone and trying to talk with potential prospects.

Professional Networking: This is one of the best and most immediate ways to improve results with how to get more sales as you can establish immediate and strong professional relationships.

Social Media:
When focusing on how to get more sales, social media can be a great tool as you can use many of the different available platforms to connect and communicate with new prospects.

2.  Increase Referrals and Repeat Business

We will usually spend most attention for how to get more sales with getting new customers, but it can often be easier to increase sales by focusing on our existing customers.

Reciprocation: One of our top interests is to increase sales, but if we shift from first focus on trying to help others first, whether that be help our clients or help our contacts to build their businesses, we will likely see a positive impact on our own sales in terms of repeat business and referrals.

Deliver Quality Service:
Every sales strategy should include attention, investment, and energy on trying to keep and grow existing clients by delivering quality service.  It is much easier to keep existing clients and try to keep them than recruiting new business.

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Launch Pad Solutions provides sales consulting helping businesses to identify how to get more sales.

Writing a Blog to Increase Prospect Leads

Friday, January 27th, 2012

To increase prospect leads, we can do many different things and one of those is to consistently publish a company blog post.  This can produce positive results as it can feed into the search engine optimization quality of the website and that alone can produce new website traffic which can drive lead generation.

Publishing a blog post on a company website will produce web pages that will get scanned and indexed by search engines.  As that happens, the search engines will look at the content and label the topics that it relates to.  From there, when someone puts in keyword searches into the search engine that relate to the topic that your post is tied to, your website can come back in the search results and stand to have that prospect sent to your site.

The key from there is to come back as high as possible in those search results so that searchers see your result at the top or close to the top of their searches.  This will lead to more prospect leads and there are some very clear search engine optimization tactics that can be done to help with your ability to rank high.

Identify the Right Keyword Phrase

Identify the right keyword phrase for search engines to label or associate with your blog post so that the traffic is very targeted.  If the blog posts are not centered around topics that target prospects would search for, the ability to create prospect leads may be limited.

Start by trying to identify the overall topics that are related to our products and services.  From there, look at two other factors before moving forward:

•Level of search activity:
It is important to identify how much the keyword phrase is being searched.  If a blog post is published and tagged with a perfect phrase, but that phrase is rarely searched, new web traffic will not be produced. Although, you do not want to target keyword phrases that also have a volume of searches as those will be more difficult to rank on.
•Level of competition: Another parameter to assess is how much competition there is for the keyword phrase.  This is essentially the amount of other companies that are trying to rank on the phrase.  If the competition is high, it will be difficult to come up high in the prospect’s search result.  Try to find phrases that fit well but have little competition to improve prospect leads.

Keyword Optimization

Once you find the right keyword phrase, you want to have the blog post optimized for that phrase by having it mentioned the right amount of times and in the right places in the blog post.  The rules around this change but some experts say to have the keyword phrase mentioned 1% of the total word count.  Having the phrase in the title and in the first and last sentence can help to tell the search engines what to label the post as being tied to.

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Launch Pad Solutions provides sales consulting to help business owners produce prospect leads.

Seven Keys to Improving Lead Gen

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

Lead gen is usually critical to a business’ success and there are some very clear things that can be done to improve results.

1.  Establish Bidirectional Traffic

When working to build improve lead generation, we can establish a strategy where leads are produced from both outbound and inbound directions.  Inbound leads refers to leads coming from the outside in through techniques like search engine optimization.  Outbound activities or traffic would most likely involve some form of cold calling or telemarketing.

2.  Having an Outbound Focus

If outbound sales is a component of the lead generation strategy, it can help tremendously to have resources that are dedicated in some way or another to spend time on outbound activities.  This is important as outbound sales requires not only a very different mindset, but also a different set of skills.

3.  Incorporate Business Networking

Business networking can often be one of the most quickest and most effective ways to generate leads.  With face to face interactions and building relationships, there can be an immediate impact on the number of prospects and referrals.  Networking can be accomplished by attending events, getting involved in different organizations, participating in activities, etc.

4.  Embracing Social Media

We can use social media platforms to easily and quickly grow our network of contacts and connections around the globe.  Once these connections are made, we utilize this network to learn about others, share information and collaborate and this type of activity can plant seeds that can help to produce leads and referrals.

5.  Search Engine Optimization

One of the best and most powerful tools to use to trigger lead gen is to invest time, effort, and money into search engine optimization.  SEO is a methodology used for improving the traffic that search engines send to a business’ website.  The more successful you can be at this, the more targeted traffic that you will get to your site and this can have an immediate and positive impact on lead generation.

6.  Sales Outsourcing

There can be an instance where a business does not have time to perform outbound lead generation activities.  And it might not be feasible to hire resources to do this.  When this is the case, the option always exists to utilize sales outsourcing to increase results.

7.  Cold Call Training

With any lead gen strategy, there will usually be some amount of cold calling required.  And there are clear things that can be done to improve results and effectiveness with cold calling.  By investing time and resources in cold call training, an immediate improvement in leads being produced.

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Launch Pad Solutions provides lead generations services helping businesses to improve lead gen.

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The Lead Generation Three-Legged Stool

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

The lead generation process will typically have direct impact on the success of for most businesses.  While there is not an exact formula what we can do generate results, there is a model that we can use position us for consistent results and this is a concept of a lead gen three-legged stool.

1. Cold Calling

For most businesses, there is a place for making outbound cold calls to generate leads.  Some will say that cold calling is a thing of the past.  But even with that being factored in, there is still tremendous power in live conversations that take place over the phone and when done right, cold calling can still be an effective piece of a larger lead generation strategy.

If a strategy is built that focuses on the right target market, that effectively communicates the value offered, and if there is script and approach that is respectful and does not trigger the prospect’s guard, then time and resources can be invested in cold calling with the realistic expectation of results.

2. Search Engine Optimization

In addition to outbound lead gen activity, we can also want to have inbound activity to create a bidirectional lead generation process.  Search engine optimization, or SEO for short is one of the best ways to create an inbound flow of leads where prospects are calling you.  SEO is the method of performing certain actions that make your website favorable in the eyes of the search engines so that they send targeted web traffic to you.

3. Networking

The third leg of the lead generation three-legged stool is networking from a professional standpoint.  This refers to personally connecting with prospects and potential referral partners for the purpose of building out your network.  When done right, this is actually one of the more powerful and immediate ways to generate leads.

There are two different ways to network professionally thanks to advancements in technology.  We can network in person by doing things like going to events and getting involved in different groups and associations.  Although, now we can also do a tremendous amount of networking virtually through social media.  To make this third leg of lead gen strong, it would be best to invest time in both forms of professional networking.

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Six Tips for Producing Good SEO Website Content

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

One effective way to improve search engine optimization rankings is to regularly produce good SEO website content. Whether it is hectic schedules or common cases of writers’ block, we can often find challenges with getting content on our websites. That being said, below are six tips that one can easily adopt to improve execution in this area.

1. Schedule Time

One of the keys to consistently producing SEO content is to schedule time with yourself during the week to work on producing content. If we don’t allocate time to work on writing content, we can likely always find ourselves too busy to get around to it. A good habit can be to pick the same day and time during the week to focus on this.

2. Pick Relevant Topic

The content produced should revolve around a topic that is relevant or related to the products and services that you sell. One way to arrive at a relevant topic is to reflect on recent weeks and think about something specific that happened with regard to the selling, delivery, or use of your products or services. Ideally this would be some way that business value was delivered and this can be the core topic that the SEO website content is built around.

3. Identify a Keyword Phrase

When working on SEO content, you will want to identify a keyword phrase that you want to get your website to rank on. In most cases, this will be different or a slight variation of the topic that you start out with. The two things you want to look at when selecting the right phrase is how often the phrase is searched and how many other businesses are trying to rank on it.

4. Breakdown the Topic

One thing that can help with the actual production of the content is to start by breaking down the topic right away by outlining subsections that you can write about that support the main topic. It will be much quick and easier to write SEO website content when you work on five related sections of 100 words each compared to one main section of 500 words.

5. Manage the Keyword Density Ratio

Effectively monitor and manage the keyword density ratio. This is the ratio of times that the keyword phrase appears in the website content compared to the total number words. The search engines scan the document and use this ratio to try to figure out what the article is about and it can help to try to use a ratio that will make them link the page to the keyword phrase.

6. Content Management System

It can be very helpful to have some sort of formal system to publish and manage that content that you produce and publish. There are content management systems (CMS) that websites can be built on top of and trying to produce content without this would create more work and slow down your progress.

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Launch Pad Solutions provides SEO consulting helping businesses to create a bidirectional lead generation process.

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Using Social Media to Find New Clients

Monday, April 18th, 2011

As we try to find new clients, we should have a social media component in our sales strategy and communications model.  This is because social media is a very efficient and effective way to connect and communicate with targeted prospects.

What is Social Media
Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to connect and communicate with individuals and businesses.  Examples of social media are facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Blogger, WordPress, YouTube, etc.  These are essentially technology-based portals where individuals, groups, and businesses connect to share information.

Why Social Media is Important
Social media is important for two key reasons:

Communications platform: As a user of social media, a business will have a forum to use to broadcast messages.  Once a company is connect to an audience of users, they can easily post and push out content and updates.

Search Engine Optimization / SEO:  Social media is an effective way to improve a business’ level of search engine optimization / SEO.  This is because three things that search engines look for are 1) consistent activity, 2) lots of content, and 3) back links.  Social media is away to accomplish progress with all three of those.

How to Use Social Media

1.    Setup business and personal profiles on a set of social media sites and try to include as much content and back links as possible on these pages.

2.    Establish permanent connections with as many individuals as possible.  Regardless of whether you know the individual or if they have the profile of an ideal prospect, reach out to connect.  The same philosophy here should be used as when doing business networking in person, which is to be open to networking with anybody, even if they that don’t appear to be a target prospect as you never know when someone knows someone and can help you to find new clients.

3.    Become a provider of information by using the social media outlets to publish and post information that your ideal prospects will find valuable.

4.    Be active and provide regular status updates where applicable.  These can be postings about industry news, your own blog posts or articles, or reposts of another company’s content.  Think of these updates as little reminders to your prospects and to the search engines that you are still there and you are a key provider of valuable information to improve search engine optimization.

5.    It can be helpful to automate where possible.  It can be very helpful, when using multiple social media platforms to find new clients, to incorporate as much automation and integration as possible.  Many of the more well known systems, like facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn, play nicely with each other and are setup to allow you to post in one place and have the content replicate on the other sites.  There are also a number of third-party tools that help you to manage multiple social media systems.

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Use Search Engine Optimization to Increase Sales

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

One productive way to find new clients is by using tools to get your prospects to find you.  One way to accomplish this is to use search engine optimization to lure your prospects to your company’s website.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a methodology that will make your website more valuable in the eyes of the search engines.  If your site is considered to be more valuable by the search engines, also referred to as “ranking”, they will put you higher on the search results for keywords that users put into the search engine.

They key is to get your website to rank on searched phrases that your target prospects would put into a search engine and this will drive very targeted traffic to your site.

Below are some steps that can be taken to improve search engine optimization (SEO):

SEO Friendly Pages
To improve search engine optimization, you will first want to focus on building a website and web pages that are more friendly toward search engines.  It is important to note that search engines use spiders that crawl your website.  If you have frames or text in images, the spiders will not be able to crawl your site as well.

Search engines also do not want send people to pages that are time consuming to load.  As a result, the search engine will consider pages with better load rates and more friendly and factor that into how they rank.  This means sites that are very cool with a lot of high resolution images and flash animation could be considered less friendly.

Search engines want to send users to the most informative sites first.  This means that a site with more content per page, with more pages being regularly added, and more total pages will be labeled as a site that is very informative.  Note that this goes against the traditional marketing philosophy of clean pages with fewer words and more graphics and animation.  The more text the better in the eyes of the search engine.

To use search engine optimization, blogs and articles are good ways to add pages and content regularly to a website.  These should be focused on topics and key words that are tied to the products that will bring targeted traffic to the site.

Backlinks are another important way to use search engine optimization to improve your ranking with search engines.  These are links to your site that are posted on other websites.  The more sites that point to your site, the more valuable search engines will consider your site to be and this will help you to rank better.  There are many ways to get backlinks, but a few are registering with directories, distributing articles, swapping links, and posting on forums.

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