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Writing a Blog to Increase Prospect Leads

Friday, January 27th, 2012

To increase prospect leads, we can do many different things and one of those is to consistently publish a company blog post.  This can produce positive results as it can feed into the search engine optimization quality of the website and that alone can produce new website traffic which can drive lead generation.

Publishing a blog post on a company website will produce web pages that will get scanned and indexed by search engines.  As that happens, the search engines will look at the content and label the topics that it relates to.  From there, when someone puts in keyword searches into the search engine that relate to the topic that your post is tied to, your website can come back in the search results and stand to have that prospect sent to your site.

The key from there is to come back as high as possible in those search results so that searchers see your result at the top or close to the top of their searches.  This will lead to more prospect leads and there are some very clear search engine optimization tactics that can be done to help with your ability to rank high.

Identify the Right Keyword Phrase

Identify the right keyword phrase for search engines to label or associate with your blog post so that the traffic is very targeted.  If the blog posts are not centered around topics that target prospects would search for, the ability to create prospect leads may be limited.

Start by trying to identify the overall topics that are related to our products and services.  From there, look at two other factors before moving forward:

•Level of search activity:
It is important to identify how much the keyword phrase is being searched.  If a blog post is published and tagged with a perfect phrase, but that phrase is rarely searched, new web traffic will not be produced. Although, you do not want to target keyword phrases that also have a volume of searches as those will be more difficult to rank on.
•Level of competition: Another parameter to assess is how much competition there is for the keyword phrase.  This is essentially the amount of other companies that are trying to rank on the phrase.  If the competition is high, it will be difficult to come up high in the prospect’s search result.  Try to find phrases that fit well but have little competition to improve prospect leads.

Keyword Optimization

Once you find the right keyword phrase, you want to have the blog post optimized for that phrase by having it mentioned the right amount of times and in the right places in the blog post.  The rules around this change but some experts say to have the keyword phrase mentioned 1% of the total word count.  Having the phrase in the title and in the first and last sentence can help to tell the search engines what to label the post as being tied to.

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Ignite Social Media to Generate Leads

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

We can do some very simple things that to ignite social media and see a positive impact on our ability to generate leads.

Create Accounts

We need to start with create accounts and profiles on the different social media platforms where necessary.  This might not be needed as you may already have accounts on outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  But it is important to be sure to have both personal and business profiles.  Perform an inventory of your social media profiles and accounts and fill in any that are missing.

Establish Connections

Work on building your network of connections on each platform to ignite social media.  This step involves increasing your total number of connections, followers, or friends.  The more people we are connected with, the more exposure you will have and this can increase your ability to generate leads.

Send requests to everybody you come across on the platforms regardless of whether you know them or not.  You can try to make your requests more tailored and friendly when possible by sharing any things you have in common like mutual contacts, work experience, common interest, etc.

Post Regular Updates

To ignite social media, you need to be active from a posting updates standpoint.  These updates will be a broadcast stream to help to let people know that we are out there and stay fresh in peoples mind and this can help to generate leads.

It is important make sure that people to see your updates but at the same time you do not want to do is annoy the people we are connected with.  To help avoid this, we can focus on four factors:

1.  Timing:
Post updates at different times of the day so that we can increase our odds of reaching more people.

2.  Frequency:
It can help to spread out our post updates, not only to help with reaching more people, but also to minimize the possibility of bugging any of our connections.

3.  Quantity: Figure out what quantity of posts per day makes sense and stick to it.

4.  Content:
Make posts primarily about your connections and to do that, post updates that inform, help, and entertain your connections.


The power from using social media can really come in when we increase our level of interactions.  This can be accomplished by contributing and communicating inside of groups, commenting and liking update posts, and sending any direct messages when it is appropriate.

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