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How to Build Interest on Telephone Sales Calls

When making telephone sales  calls, it is critical to create some level of interest on the prospect’s side so that you can increase the probability of moving on to the next sales cycle stage. The challenge is that you really only have a couple of minutes to work with as you do not want sales telephone calls to drag on. With that being what it is, there are five categories for details that we can share to trigger an initial level of interest.

1. Products and services

At some point on the cold call, it is important to share a few details about what you do. Most salespeople will start out a call by sharing details in this area. Another way to go is to spend the first half of the call focused more on the prospect and then transition to talking about you and your products and services during the second half.

The key thing to remember here is that you do not have a ton of time to work with, so it is important to not go into too much detail. This can often be tough to do because you likely have a lot of information that you want to share and it can be common to believe that this is the key area that we need to focus in order to effectively build interest during telephone sales calls. Since time is limited, find a way to quickly summarize what you do.


2. Communicate value

Once you have shared what you do, it is time to communicate some of the value that you have to offer. Sharing what you do in terms of products and services provides important details, but it may not clearly tell what the prospect has to gain by purchasing from you.

On telephone sales calls, we must effectively communicate the value and benefits that we have to deliver to the prospect. To be ultra-effective, if you can connect the value that you have to offer to pain that you have uncovered that the prospect has, you can drastically improve your odds of building interest and moving on to the next step in the sales cycle.



3. ROI

How will the benefits that the prospect realizes by purchasing your products and service impact them? Communicating this in terms of ROI (return on investment) will help to build interest during a cold call. You could either provide ranges for the ROI that could be expected or go one step further to share examples of ROI figures that have been observed by other businesses or individuals that have worked with you.


4. How you differ

A powerful area to discuss to build interest on telephone sales calls is to discuss how you differ from your competition. This can be accomplished by identifying a couple points for how you differ and those could either be your strengths or the competition’s weaknesses.


5. Threat from doing nothing

One of the biggest competitors that we face is the prospect’s option to do nothing and the status quo. One way to build interest is to share a point or two for what the impact could be if the prospect does nothing.


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This article was published on Saturday 31 March, 2012.
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