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Building a Marketing Script

Whatever your role is in an organization, building a marketing script is an important step that can be taken to improve results. A script for marketing is something that can be used when giving presentations, when just talking with prospects, or it could influence your website and marketing collateral. Here are some principles to consider when building your script.

Focus on Your Value

Many sales and marketing professionals can focus primarily on the products and services they sell when developing marketing messaging and scripts. The challenge with this approach is that talking about your products does not address the prospect’s main question – “What is in it for me”

Details around your products are important and need to be shared, but what you prospect primarily cares about is how they can improve their business and how you can help them to do that. This is where the majority of your marketing script needs to focus and this will help you to grab their attention.

In order to share what is in it for your prospect, focus on the value that you and your products offer. This is how your products help or what your products help your prospects to achieve.

Focus on the Pain You Resolve

Prospects are more interested in fixing things that are not working well than spending time or money on areas where everything is great. As a result, you can improve your marketing script by focusing the message in the area where the prospect might have challenges or be experiencing some pain.

One way to figure out what pain to focus on is to look at the value that you offer and the improvements that you help to make. The value you offer will typically resolve some sort of challenges or pain and you can focus your marketing message on these areas.

This should help you to grab the prospect’s attention if they are having those challenges. And if they are not, then you might not grab their attention but they also might not really be a good prospect anyways since they do not have any challenges that you can help to resolve.


Focus on Your Differentiation

We all face competition. Not only are there usually other companies selling what we sell, but we are also always competing against the option that the prospect has of doing nothing. When building your marketing script, be sure to focus on how you differ from the prospect’s other options.

Focus on the Impact of Doing Nothing

As just mentioned, we also compete against the prospect’s option to do nothing in terms of not making a purchase or staying with the status quo. To improve your marketing message, focus on what can happen, or continue to happen, if the prospect does not purchase anything.



Launch Pad Solutions provides tools helping marketing professionals to develop a marketing script.



This article was published on Sunday 19 May, 2013.
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