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Building Your Cold Call Email Strategy

Having a cold call email strategy is important as both cold calling and email play such a large role in sales prospecting. And when you are able to mix the two communications methods together into one strategy, you greatly improve your probability of connecting with the prospect.

Creating and Using Cold Call Email Templates

The first thing that we want to discuss with building a strategy here is to create and use email templates. These are templates that outline your standard email messages that you might send.

Having templates is important as it can save you a tremendous amount of time. A lot of your messages can be very similar so spending a little time composing good messages and then just tweaking those on an as needed basis can greatly improve the your productivity and efficiency.

Email First Strategy

One thing that you will want to figure out as you build your strategy is whether you are going to cold call first or you are going to email the prospect first. Of course, for emailing first to even be an option to consider, you will need to already have the prospect’s email address.

There are some benefits to emailing first as it can help to warm up the cold call. When you end up connecting with the prospect over the phone, if they have read your email, they will have a little knowledge about who you are and why you are calling.

Although, that can go against this cold call email approach as the prospect may read your email and begin to formulate a negative impression or position before receiving your call. This means that once they answer your call, they may have a preconceived position on what you are calling about and already have objections established and ready for you.


Cold Call First Strategy

The other cold call email approach is to call first and then proceed with emails. This can often be a more common approach as this is the better option if you do not have the prospect’s email address.

Picking up where the email first strategy downside leaves off, the upside to this approach is that you start with a clean slate in terms of what the prospect knows about you and why you are calling. This allows you to use verbal words in place of written words to trigger interest.

And depending on your level of cold calling skills, you may be better able to generate leads when talking to the prospect first instead of trying to build that interest over an email.


One key component to your cold calling and email strategy is to figure out the cadence you are going to use in terms of how many calls to make and emails to send.

One factor to look at here is if and when voicemails are being left.  Every voicemail should be followed up with an email right after. But an effective strategy may only involve a leaving a voicemail every 5 to 10 cold call attempts.


Launch Pad Solutions provides a sales script tool helping with a cold call email strategy.


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This article was published on Saturday 04 August, 2012.
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