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Career Coaching

It is easy for us to not be completely satisfied with what we are doing and with where we are in our careers. It is also common for us to feel like our careers are not going anywhere. When we fall into this rut, we can feel hopeless and the discouragement can push us down a path of doing nothing. The problem with that is if we just take things as they come, it is likely that we will either not go anywhere or we will end up somewhere that we do not want to be.

The reality is that we have more control over our careers then we realize. There are clear and distinct things we can do to drive career growth and improve where we are. We have power. We have control. It is up to us to decide where we go and what we do.

To drive career growth, we need to go through some self-exploration, some strategic planning, and then show dedication to work hard and stick to the plan. This is where career coaching can help as we can do all of these steps on our own but working with a coach can improve the amount of success achieve and can shorten the time to get there.

Launch Pad Solutions’s career coaching will help a person to work through all of the different steps needed to drive career growth and will build the accountability needed help individuals get to the next level.

With career coaching, a coach can work with a client to determine where they are today in terms of skills, strengths, interests, and options. The coach can assist the client identify the best path forward. From there, by meeting periodically the coach can help the client to progress and stay on track through action planning and progress tracking.

Career coaching can take place over the phone, in person, or over the internet and can occur with a duration and frequency of the clients choice. A typical arrangement is for thirty to sixty minute sessions that recur on a monthly basis.

By working with a coach, a client can gain more clarity, focus, and determination. This can help someone to get out of a rut and push themselves to the next level. Finding improvements in one’s career can lead to more satisfaction, increased happiness, and improved financial stability.

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 26 September, 2010.