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Cold Call Consulting

“Launch Pad Solutions helped us to completely revamp our cold calling strategy and messaging. This greatly improved the quantity and quality of conversations that we had with prospects over the phone and it is difficult to put a value on how that has impacted our business.”
Charles De Vaga, VP of Sales, D-Cubed, Inc.

Launch Pad Solutions provides cold call consulting to businesses helping them to build out and improve their cold calling process and strategy. Below are the main components of this service:

Cold call process development

We will work with clients to help them to map out a the most effective cold calling processst effectively. There may be multiple steps, multiple goals, and multiple team members that can be incorporated into a cold call process to drive optimum results.

Value statement identification
Launch Pad will work with a client to identify the value that is delivered by the their services. We will then work to summarize this value into one to two sentences that can be used to get a prospect’s attention at the beginning of a cold call script.

Target market identification

When needed, we can work with a business to help them to build out their target market and identify the ideal prospects that they should go after as part of a cold call campaign. Time and resources are limited, so if an outbound effort is going to be taken on, it must be focused on an area of prospects that will drive the best results and return.

Objection map development

Every cold call is going to receive some sort of objections. The more prepared a sales person is for anticipated objections, the better results they will be able to deliver. Launch Pad Solutions can work with a client to build out an objections map where all possible objections will be brainstormed with optimum responses scripted

Qualifying questions

Qualifying sales prospects is a key step of any sales cycle. Launch Pad can help a client to identify how to do some light qualifying during the cold call process.

Cold call script writing

As part of the cold call consulting service, we will take all of the information and deliverables produced and use them to compile a cold call script. The script will be based on the optimum cold call process, will include the value statement, qualifying questions, content for building interest, and responses for objections.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 25 February, 2011.