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Cold Calling ebook

Cold calling is a blood sport. Sales professionals hate making cold calls and customers despise receiving them. Yet those who can rise above the competition and master cold-calling will find themselves closing deals, hitting targets, and positively improving their lives on both professional and personal levels.

Powerful, practical, and logical, The Cold Calling Equation: Problem Solved teaches cold calling as a skill that anyone who exerts the effort can perfect. Readers can see immediate results from tactics that are spelled out in the book’s first pages. It takes the intimidation out of calling a complete stranger and teaches a person with any level of education and experience how to make human connections and find opportunities to grow their business.

Upending conventional wisdom, the author reveals that hard work and effort don’t always result in successful cold calls. What works is when a caller learns how to succinctly state their company’s value to another business. Forget selling the features. Cold callers need to show how their product will make a client’s company run faster, smoother, and harder. The reader can formulate their own attack using the concepts and tools that are cleanly explained throughout the book.

The Cold Calling Equation: Problem Solved is a book based on real-world scenarios and developed by Michael Halper who has thirteen years experiencing in cold calling. An energetic sales coach, he runs a telesales operation for other businesses and manages a team of callers.

The book takes the reader, chapter by chapter, through the other stumbling blocks of cold calling and shows the salesperson how to clear these hurdles. He also demonstrates how to build target lists and scripts, deal with objections, find opportunities, build both rapport and interest, and more.

The psychological state of the cold caller is taken into account as well. The book gives solid strategies for overcoming anxiety and breaks down the pernicious myth that all cold callers are born rather than made. Salespeople don’t have to be extroverts or the life of the party. In fact, it’s the ability to listen rather than the gift of gab that makes someone successful at business-to-business selling.

Turning the tables on the seller, The Cold Calling Equation: Problem Solved also demonstrates that not every lead is worth pursuing. In a powerful section on qualifying, Halper shows the salesperson how to quickly screen prospects through incisive questions. It’s a tactic that makes the phone call more controversial and gets the prospect talking. Cold callers will also learn how to manage gatekeepers, turning their enemies into allies who go from blocking to opening up and pointing in the right direction.

This helpful guide shows callers how to navigate objections, those challenging phrases that prospects use to get off the phone. Whether it is “I do not have time right now” or “We are not interested,” Halper will show you why prospects use objections and how cold callers can get around them. Even a reader with zero sales skills and no practical experience can read this book and learn how to utilize their phone and make it into a powerful sales tool. It will move the novice cold caller from frustration and failure to control and success.

“Personally, I feel the book overall should be a textbook in most marketing classes and must read material for sales personnel during training. The book breaks things down in a way anyone can understand while respecting the intelligence of the reader. You feel informed and not lectured to. The style uses clear everyday English and explains in a short and clear manner new sales terms. The most amazing thing about the book is that it emphasizes effective work over hard work. Too many sales books say that if you put in enough effort, you get success. Halper clearly explains why this attitude causes so many to fail in sales when simply doing the homework of screening and preparation can yield greater results than most conventional methods.” – Tom Hudson

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