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Cold Calling Services

“We shifted our cold calling activities over to Launch Pad and saw an immediate improvement in lead generation as they built a healthy pipeline of qualified leads within only a matter of weeks.” Arnaud Dasprez, President – HexaGroup, Ltd.

Launch Pad Solutions utilizes the Virtual Sales Force technology to deliver low cost, high quality cold calling services. As part of these services, Launch Pad Solutions’ cold calling agents become and extension of a company’s sales force and focus solely on the task of cold calling

Cold Calling Campaigns

The cold calling could have a number of different focuses including:

  • Information gathering:

or also referred to as white spacing or profiling, would be having a cold caller call prospects to gather information on current systems, processes, vendors, contracts, contacts, pains, initiatives, etc.

  • Appointment setting:

this campaign would have a cold caller that is reaching out with the purpose of scheduling an appointment, discussion, sales call, etc.

  • Invitation to event:

there can be a cold calling campaign built around inviting the prospect to some sort of event like a seminar, webinar, demo, briefing, luncheon, etc.

  • Follow up on information:

if some sort of information has been sent to or downloaded by the prospect, a campaign could be launched to follow up with the prospects involved.

  • Check in:

call existing clients to check in on existing services and explore for additional needs.

  • Survey:

call a set of prospects, current clients, or past clients and ask a defined set of questions to gather valuable data.

Ten areas of value that Launch Pad delivers to sales outsourcing clients:

  1. Streamlined interview process
  2. Tactics to screen unqualified applicants
  3. Pool of trained resources and database of candidates
  4. Automated on boarding process
  5. Proven cold calling techniques and tactics
  6. Visibility and controls to manage productivity
  7. Visibility and controls to manage effectiveness
  8. Better and more effective scripts
  9. Established process for continual development
  10. actics to improve retention

Shift From Tactical to Strategic

By outsourcing the cold calling function, a company is able to augment their sales force and create a shift from tactical to strategic for their senior sales resources in terms of activities. This means that the highly trained and seasoned sales resources can spend more time on warm leads and contacts, delivered a high return on investment.

Process to Get Going

Launch Pad Solutions utilizes a three step process to implement and maintain the cold calling services:

Step 1 – Plan

  • The process begins with a needs assessment to identify current and desired states in terms of strategy, processes, messaging, goals, etc.
  • Through sales consulting, Launch Pad will work together with the client to build and fine tune the path forward.

Step 2 – Build

  • Build the target list of contacts and accounts for the cold calling campaign
  • Write scripts, build an objections map, build tools, and structure the processes to be utilized during the cold calling.
  • Configure the cold calling agents’ CRM and phone systems with the client information.
  • Sales training on company’s products and processes delivered to cold calling agents.

Step 3 – Attack

  • Cold calling begins.
  • All calls are monitored with regular one-on-one coaching providing the highest level of quality and effectiveness.

Decrease Labor Cost

If you take a the total cost for a sales person (take their salary, plus the benefit costs, add any overhead like office space, IT, insurance, etc.), then divide those costs to get to a per minute cost, then multiply by the amount of time spent making calls, then divide by the number of calls made, you will see that the per cost call for each cold call is very high.

With that being the case, many companies are shifting that part of the sales cycle to companies that perform that function on a large scale and are able to provide it at a lower cost due to economies of scale and process efficiencies.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 05 August, 2010.