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College Tip # 8 – Get a Job

8 on the Top Ten College Tips list is to get some sort of job.  A job for a college student could be in a number of different areas and below are some examples of different options.

On campus:  There are many different jobs available for students on campus.  These are available at the different university departments and student services organizations.  The good thing about working on campus is that the jobs are fairly student friendly in terms of working around classes and allowing for very low workloads in terms of total hours being scheduled.

Local businesses:  The community that the university is in should have a number of different part-time job options at local businesses.

Related to studies:  Getting a job in an area that is related to the area that is being studied in school can deliver tremendous benefits in terms of improving the quality of education as well as making the student a more attractive interviewer when they are looking for a job after college.  This is one of the college tips than can be very powerful.

Internships:  Internships can be good work options for students.  The good thing about internships is that they look great on a resume when interviewing with other companies and they also can frequently lead toward employment opportunities with the company where the internship takes place.

Benefits of # 8 of the Top Ten College Tips

Below are some benefits of # 8 on the college tips list.

Extra money:  It is likely that a part-time job will not pay for a student’s education.  But the money provided from a part-time job can certainly help.

Value of a dollar:  One lesson that is good for any young adult is to learn the value of a dollar.  The best way to get this lesson is to work a part-time job.  By working scheduled hours at an hourly rate, and then getting paid and learning first hand what can and can’t be done with the money made, can be a valuable lesson.  This is one of the college tips that is more attractive to a parent of a college student.

Meet new people:  
By working somewhere, one will meet new people.  This can be valuable because these new contacts have the potential to be new friends and also new business contacts when it comes time to graduate.

Learn about a business: 
 As one performs a job, they will learn about a process and a business.  This knowledge gained could open up doors or come in hand later when the student looks for more full-time employment.

Helps when interviewing: 
 Looking for a job as a recent college graduate can be very challenging and competitive.  Working while in school shows a lot of character in a student.  If an interviewer was looking at two identical people in terms of background and the only difference was one had a part-time job, it is likely that the one that worked would get picked every time.  In addition, the work experience will likely provide a lot of stories that can be discussed during the interview allowing the interviewer to can get a better idea of what you will do if hired.  Without these stories, there is more uncertainty in how you will turn out and you may not get chosen do to someone else being a less uncertain of an option.  Lastly, the job may provide skills and knowledge that are applicable to the companies you interview with making you more qualified than you would have been if you did not work.

It is important to point out that this is one of the college tips that may only be good only if the academic workload has room for it.  The college tips have to be considered on a case-by-case basis and if you are at a university that has a workload that is has little room for other activities, getting a job might provide to much of a distraction to academic performance, which is priority #1 of the college tips.


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This article was published on Tuesday 03 November, 2009.
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