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College Tip # 1 – Go to class

Top Ten College Tips

# 1 on the Top Ten College Tips list is to simply go to class.  One of the biggest differences between a high school class and a college class is that they take attendance in high school and they don’t in college.  Some college professors may document when you are there, but attendance is usually not enforced in the same way that it is in high school.

New Found Freedom

This new atmosphere of empowerment can be very refreshing to a college freshman.  You go your whole life being forced to go to school and then all of a suddenly you are treated like an adult and empowered to decide when to go to class.  This power can be so invigorating that it can often be hard not to abuse it; especially when you mix in all of the social distractions that can come with being a college student.  It can also sometimes be interpreted by the student that since they don’t take attendance, going to class is almost optional and up to their discretion as to whether they need to go or not.

Very Easy to Fall Behind
While going to class may seem optional, going to all classes is very important in order to keep up with the fast pace of college classes.  By simply missing one class, you will likely miss valuable lecture notes and potentially miss assignments and this makes it very easy to fall behind.  If you fall behind, you then are in catch up mode.  If you are being exposed to material and information that is complex, it is much more difficult to understand and keep up if you are in catch up mode.  If you fall into catch up mode and don’t successfully catch up, you can fall even further behind and this could be the start of a downward spiral.  The easy way to avoid this mess is to simply follow the college tips go to class.  Your grades will be better and your life will be much simpler and less stressful.

Path of Least Resistance
Even if for some reason academic performance was not a top priority for a student and they were more interested in getting through college with doing the least amount of work, going to all classes is still the best way to go as it is much easier to pay attention in class then it is to skip and try to figure out the material on your own.  While it may seem like it is easier to skip class at the time, in the long-run it is actually easier to just go to class.

Going to class can be one of the easiest college tips to follow, and one that can have the largest impact.  It sounds almost silly to have this as one of the college tips, but the temptation to skip is something that is there and on the student’s mind every day.



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This article was published on Saturday 31 October, 2009.
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