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College Tip # 6 – Get Involved

Top Ten College Tips

This is one of the college tips that is more designed for the new college students that are having trouble getting acclimated to the new environment.  Symptoms of a college student that is not adapting well are outlined below:

1.    Is not enjoying the college experience
2.    Goes back home frequently
3.    Has feelings of missing home
4.    Has not made many friends
5.    Does not attend many socially events and activities
6.    Is considering returning home or going to a different school after semester

Not adapting well to the college environment is very understandable and common due to the fact that going from high school to college can be one of the biggest social transitions that a young adult has experienced by that point in their life.  This is because a typical high school student has been going to school with the same students for a number of years.  It may even be the case that a high school student has been going to school with the same people their entire life if they have not moved around.  Whatever the case, a typical incoming freshman in college is going from an environment where they knew everybody to an environment where they may not know anybody and this can be a fairly challenging.

Successfully adapting and transitioning to the new environment for a college student is very important as it is important for us as humans to be socially accepted.  While the main purpose of going to college is to get good grades and get an education, if we don’t feel like we are making friends and having fun, it can have an impact on us mentally and emotionally.  If we are not completely strong mentally and emotionally, this can have an impact on our academic performance in the short-term and our tenure as a college student in the long-run.

One of the college tips to ease the transition of going to a new place where you don’t know anyone is to get involved.  Getting involved could be a number of different things with below being some examples:

•    Job:
  There are likely many part-time jobs on and off campus that can provide a good way to get involved with a business or organization.
•    Sports One can get involved with sports by simply going to sports facilities, joining an intramural organization, or through some sort of club organization.
•    Social organizations:  There are many social organizations that a student can get involved in.
•    Academic organizations: There are many different academic organizations tied to departments and organizations for the university.
•    Live in the dormitory:  Living on campus can provide a good environment for meeting people.
•    Volunteer:  Every community has volunteer opportunities.

These college tips will serve two main purposes.  First, it will get the student out of the house and give them something to do.  Simply getting out of the house can be very healthy for someone who is still working on adapting to the new environment.  The other thing that getting involved is likely to do is provide a forum to meet people, make new friends, and expand your network.

This is one of the college tips that will likely to improve a student’s mental health and emotional state, which is likely to have a positive impact on academics.  Building social strength through activities could build a foundation of friendships and social acceptance that can have a positive impact the student’s future years as a college student.  Just like the other college tips, the risk of not doing something to improve a students transition to college can jeopardize academic performance and tenure as a college student.


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This article was published on Tuesday 03 November, 2009.
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