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Top Ten College Tips

by Michael Halper

Going from living with parents during high school to living independently as a college student can one of the biggest transitions in a person’s life.  They go from an environment with structure and guidelines to a place where there is a significant amount of freedom and they are left to make the majority of the decisions on our own.

At most college orientations, they tell you to look at the person sitting on your left and then look at the person on your right.  They then tell you that one of those people will not make it to the end of the year.  This is because it is very difficult to make the transition to college and stay on course with the academics without being too sidetracked by all of the distractions.

To help with the challenges, there are 10 college tips that can help a college student to successfully make it through the transition and get on the path to successfully graduating down the road.  Below is tip number 1.

College Tip # 1 – Go to class

Going to class can be one of the easiest college tips to follow, and one that can have the largest impact.  It sounds almost silly to have this as one of the college tips, but the temptation to skip is something that is there and on the student’s mind every day.

College Tip # 2 – Taking good notes
#1 on the top ten college tips was go to class.  Now that you are in class, you need to do what you can to get the most out the class and this is accomplished by taking good notes.

College Tip # 3 – Read the Material

Here is another one of the college tips that may seem obvious, but it is worth being said because many students do not do it.  The tip is to read the assigned material for each class.

College Tip # 4 – Studying Process for Exams
If you are following through the college tips in order, by now you have been going to class, you have been taking good notes, and you are reading the material.  Now it is time to focus on what to prepare for the exam.

College Tip # 5 – Don’t Fall Behind  
The next tip on the Top Ten College Tips is to do what you can to prevent from falling behind.  Falling behind can be very easy because the pace of college classes is very fast and the demands from juggling multiple classes can be very challenging.

College Tip # 6 – Get Involved 
This is one of the college tips that is primarily designed for the new college students that are having trouble getting acclimated to the new environment.

College Tip # 7 – Exercise
The demands of being a college student can be high and can be very stressful.  # 7 on the Top Ten College Tips list recommends exercise as a way to deal with this.

College Tip # 8 – Get a part-time job
8 on the Top Ten College Tips list is to get some sort of job.

College Tip # 9 – Creating the right environment
9 on the Top Ten College Tips list is creating the right environment when studying.

College Tip # 10 – Do not go out between Sunday and Wednesday
Number 10 of the College Tips focuses on minimizing the impact that being social has on academics


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This article was published on Thursday 12 November, 2009.
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College Tip # 1 – Go to class
College Tip # 2 – Taking Notes
College Tip # 3 – Read the Material
College Tip # 4 – Study Process for Exams
College Tip # 5 – Don’t Fall Behind
College Tip # 6 – Get Involved
College Tip # 7 – Exercise
College Tip # 8 – Get a Job
College Tips # 9 – Creating the Right Environment
College Tip # 10 – Balancing Social Activities
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