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Compartmentalize Your Life when Building Your Business

Building your business could be one of the most challenging things that you take on in your life.  One way to deal with this challenge and improve the probability of success is to compartmentalize your life.

When working as a business owner, there are many different hats that you have to wear.  In some cases, you have to wear all of the hats – you might be in charge of sales, HR, legal, operations, marketing, accounting, finance, etc.  On top of all that, you have a life to live and might have responsibilities in the family department as well as personal interests.

This can be a heavy load and one way to deal with this is to break down the week into different compartments where we focus primarily in one area that we have responsibility over and minimize our thoughts and attention in the other areas during that time.  This is explained more as we talk about some of the main compartments that can be built, but this concept cannot only improve focus and effectiveness, it can also decrease stress.


Who really enjoys accounting?  It could be debated whether many accountants really enjoy accounting.  Yet, there are tremendous accounting needs that need to be taken care of when building your business.  There is a decent amount of accounting work that needs to be done when getting a business going and there is always a decent amount of work that needs to be done each week and month on an ongoing basis.

One way to not only keep the books straight and clean, but to also decrease some stress that can be created by this area, is to set aside some time each week where everything else is shut down and the focus is put on the accounting work that needs to be completed.




Sales is likely something that you need to do everyday and all day when building your business as you likely always need to be out there meeting prospects in order to be successful.  But even if you are always selling in some way or another, it can help to block out some time that is dedicated primarily to sales.  Especially if cold calling can help with your sales, setting aside time that is to be spent solely on picking up the phone can greatly help.



Two key marketing tactics for building your business might be search engine optimization and social media.  While these two tactics can be highly effective, they can also be extremely time consuming.  Setting time aside side specifically for blogging, improving the website, and ignite social media can help to make sure enough time gets spent in this area.

Physical Fitness

A personal compartment that is very important and helpful is to have one for physical fitness.  Building a business can sometimes mean working everyday and sometimes all day.  When this is the case, this can take a toll on both your mind and your body.  To help with this, you can set time aside to turn everything off and focus on working on you and your body.



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This article was published on Sunday 15 January, 2012.
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