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Components of a Successful Lead Campaign

There are clear things that can be incorporated to make a lead campaign successful.


Focused target list

One step that can often get overlooked or not get enough attention is the building of the target list of prospects for the campaign. It can be common to spend a lot of time on other areas and just quickly pull together the target and attack list. The problem with this is that, without a solid target list, there will likely be more time spent (or wasted) with unqualified prospects.

By spending time to make sure that the target list is focused on the segment of prospects that fit well and might have a good chance of making a purchase, you can greatly increase the probability that the campaign is successful.


Strong messaging

The messaging used in the campaign can greatly influence the level of success. Are you focused on talking about your company, your products, and your features? Or is your messaging focused on the prospect and the business value that you have to offer them?


Defined goals

Establish clear and defined goals for the lead campaign. Is the goal to sell the product, set appointments, trigger trials or demos, etc.? You need to know exactly what you are trying to achieve in order to measure and achieve results.




A strong lead generation campaign should have a multi-touch approach that communicates (touches) to the prospect in multiple ways. For example, there could be a cold call, an email, and a piece of direct mail used to hit the prospect from multiple angles.


Recruiting and staffing

Whether you are outsourcing the lead generation effort to external resources or using in-house sales resources, recruiting and staffing is a key factor in the probability of success. Having good resources that have the right skill set and ability to learn can easily be the difference in leading to a good lead campaign.


If you are using sales outsourcing and not responsible for staffing, you can interview the provider to make sure that they have processes in place to secure the right resources.


Sales training

Whether sales resources have experience or not, there is a place for sales training when trying to position for a successful campaign. Training can include both product training as well as training specific to lead generation and cold calling.


Sales coaching

The development of resources should not stop when the sales training is complete. There can also be recurring sales coaching delivered to the lead generation sales resources and this can have a great impact on the lead campaign.


Performance monitoring

Launching the campaign and just waiting to seeing how it goes is not enough. To ensure success, you can monitor performance and results throughout so that you can make any adjustments and changes when needed.


Continuous improvement

By taking the performance monitoring and merging that data with the recurring sales coaching, you can get a forum that enables continuous improvement. If the coaching takes place once a week, that provides you with a weekly opportunity to make subtle tweaks and improvements every week and this can greatly improve the probability of a successful lead generation campaign.



Launch Pad Solutions provides lead generation serivces helping business to create a solid lead camaign.



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This article was published on Thursday 10 May, 2012.
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