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Decrease Multitasking to Increase Sales

There is one thing that we can all be certain about and that is the fact that multitasking is a major part of our daily lives.  In fact, many employers state that the ability of effectively multitasking is a key requirement when looking at job applicants.  But when it comes to trying to increase sales, sometimes decreasing or minimizing the amount of multitasking can drive positive results.

Multitasking is a Must

Before we discuss decreasing the level of multitasking, it is important to point out that the goal is not to eliminate multitasking as it is almost a mandatory part of a sales person’s day.  This is because a typical day is usually fast-paced with a lot of different things going on at any given time.  There are usually a constant inflow and outflow of emails and phone calls, there is always work to be done against some to do list of internal and external requests, a schedule of internal and external meetings, and the never ending need to find new business.  Without the ability to effectively multitask, it would be impossible to maintain composure and mental health in the day of the life of a sales person with so much coming in from all different directions.

The Cost of Multitasking

But what if at some point we are multitasking 100% of the time and successfully giving a little bit of attention to all of the different tasks but at some level our effectiveness in each area is not at the highest possible level.  For example, what if we are multitasking while we are trying to prospect for new business.   This could involve calling and sending emails to existing clients and to internal staff while we are supposed to be cold calling new prospects.  In this scenario, the sales person is very busy and effectively getting a lot down by multitasking and giving attention to multiple areas.  But with this approach, consider what is being lost in area of effectiveness with finding new customers.  Could decreasing the multitasking while prospecting have a positive impact when trying to increase sales?

Decreasing Multitasking to Create Focus

If we agree that multitasking is a must and we also agree that there is a potential downside to multitasking 100% of the time, then we can possibly agree that an approach to decrease multitasking at certain times of the day or week can drive positive results.  The ideal way or area to apply this is to the larger tasks or areas of responsibility.

For example, the areas of finding new business to increase sales, taking care of existing clients, training, and administrative tasks are examples of some large areas that a sales person will have tasks and objectives.  By adding structure to the week to work on these areas of responsibilities and then turn off the multitasking during those times, the sales person will establish more focus and attention.  This will help improve the level of effectiveness and productivity in each area, which is likely to help to better position a sales person to increase sales.


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This article was published on Sunday 21 February, 2010.
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