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Define the Value Proposition When Developing Sales Strategy

Every sales strategy has many moving parts.  A business can likely have many different sales resources, different sales organizations, a portfolio of products and services, a slew of features and benefits, different types of clients that they do business with, etc.  With all of that factored in, it can often be overwhelming when working on developing sales strategy.  With so much to factor in, a good place to start when working on refining the sales strategy is defining the value proposition.

Value Proposition Defined

In order to identify what your value proposition is, it may be helpful to define the term value proposition.  One way that the value proposition can get misconstrued is by having it get intermingled with the features and benefits that a business or product offers.  While those certainly impact the value proposition, the features and benefits are at a lower and more technical level when looking at how a business delivers value to its clients.

To get to the root value, a feature will provide or enable some sort of action.  And that action will yield some sort of purpose or benefit.  But it is adding all of the produced benefits up and bringing to a higher level to identify the business value that is gong to determine the value that is delivered to the client  and this is what will help you to begin to formulate your value proposition.

Foundation for All Sales Messaging

One of the reasons it can be beneficial to start developing sales strategy with the value proposition is that it can be the foundation that all sales messaging is built on.  Whether it is website content, marketing brochures, email campaigns, cold calling scripts, sales presentations, etc., all sales messages should trace back to the value proposition definition in an effective sales strategy.

And byy starting with the value proposition first and then building out all documents, deliverables, and communications, the sales messaging will all be more aligned, consistent, and clear.



Define the Target Market

Another reason to begin developing sales strategy by focusing on the value proposition definition is that it will help to define the target market.  One of the keys to an effective sales strategy is to clearly know who your ideal prospect is and your ideal prospect is the prospect that you fit with best and can help the most.

By clearly understanding how you help your clients from a business value standpoint, you will be better positioned to clearly identify the prospects that you should go after and this will help with developing sales strategy that is more focused on the area that will produce the best results.

Without Defining the Value Proposition

The risk of not starting with a value proposition when developing sales strategy is that the messaging can sometimes be inconsistent and also sometimes not hit the key messages that need to be emphasized by the sales force.  The end result could be not as tight sales execution resulting in lost deals when going head-to-head with fierce competition.


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This article was published on Saturday 25 December, 2010.
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