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How to Develop Good Phone Scripts

Writing good phone scripts can often be the difference for a sales person. Here are some key things that you will want to include when developing your calling scripts.


1. Identify your value

One step that can often get left out of a sales script is language that communicates the core value that is offered. We often will discuss the company that we represent and the products that we sell but that does not communicate the value that we have to offer.

How do your products or services benefit the prospect? This can be broken out into three different categories: technical, business, and personal.

Figure out the benefits and value that you have to offer and include some statements that communicate this in your sales scripts.


2. Outline some qualifying questions

One thing that we can often do is try to sell to everybody that answers or takes our sales call. But the reality is that not everybody is a good fit. If someone is not a good fit and we try to sell to them, we stand to increase the probability of wasting time by talking to prospects that have a little chance of purchasing anything.

To avoid this, we can add a few light qualifying questions in our phone scripts. Not only will a few questions help to make sure we are talking to good prospects, but they can also make our cold calls more conversational and help to decrease the prospect’s guard.

3. Gather some common pain points

In order to be effective at telesales, we need to be able to find and uncover pain that the prospect has. If they do not have any pain, not only will they not have a real reason to purchase from us, but they will also not have a reason to keep talking with us.

One way to help uncover pain is to include some common pain points that your other prospects experience in your phone scripts. You can create a list good pain points and then share those with your prospect to see if they can relate and are experiencing anything similar.




4. List out some statements that can build interest

At the end of the day, you are going to need to build some level of interest to keep the prospect on the phone and to get them to commit to any future steps. While generating complete interest can be a challenging and time consuming step, there are some ways to trigger initial interest over the phone while talking to a prospect.

One tactic to use here is to develop a few very powerful building interest points.  These can be shared toward the end of your phone scripts to try to hook the prospect before you go for your close.


5. Focus on the next step

There is always something to close when talking with a prospect. It may not be closing the sale in the first few conversations, but you will still need to close for the next step in the process.

Identify what the next step in your sales process is and focus on that at the end your sales script.


Launch Pad Solutions provides a sales script tool to help sales pros with buidling phone scripts.

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This article was published on Sunday 30 September, 2012.
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