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Developing the Sales Message

Developing the sales message is a very important part of the sales process. And even though important, it is one that is often skipped over and one where we lean toward just “winging it.” Here are some things to think about to improve your development of sales messaging.

Identify Your Value

One of the key components of your sales messaging is the value that you offer. This is how you help your clients or what your products help them to achieve.

This is a key step as we can easily fall into a rut of talking primarily about our products and what they do. The challenge with that is that that does not tell the prospect what they want to hear – “What is in it for me”.

Focus on Your Prospect Pain

Another trap that we can fall into is talking too much about ourselves in our sales message. To be most effective, you want to talk about your prospect more. And one area to focus on with your sales messaging is the area where your prospect is having challenges.

While just getting to a point where you are talking about your prospect’s challenges is a good step forward, to be most effective, you want to be able to get conversations centered around the challenges that you can help to resolve.

Identify the pain points that you help to resolve and incorporate that into your sales messaging.


Build Out Your Qualifying Questions

When you think about your sales message, you may primarily think about the statements that you make that describe what you offer. But a bigger and more important part of your sales messaging should be the questions that you ask.

Asking qualifying questions well help you to not only extract valuable information from the prospect, they will also help you to determine if it makes sense to add them to your pipeline and spend time with them.

Build out a list of the key questions that you should ask a prospect to qualify them and to identify if they need what you have to offer.

Prepare for Objections

We will always face objections when prospecting. While objections are actually the prospect’s messaging, how we respond should be part of our sales message.

There are only about 10 objections that you will consistently face. It can be very easy and helpful to simply list out those objections and prepare responses for those.

One tactic for objection responses is to avoid the impulse to try to resolve and overcome the objection and shift to to just trying to get around the objection. One tactic is to redirect the objection by responding by asking one of your qualifying questions.

Building Interest

There are some ways to develop your sales messaging so that you trigger interest. Focus on the ROI that you have to offer, how you differ from the competition, the impacts of doing nothing, and the future state if a purchase is made.


Launch Pad Solutions provides a sales messaging tool helping sales pros to develop the sales message.



This article was published on Sunday 12 May, 2013.
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