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Dismiss Four Common Sales Myths to Improve Cold Calling Part I

There are a few sales myths that can be looked at and possibly dismissed in an effort to improve our mind and our mental state when cold calling.

Myth #1 – You should enjoy cold calling.

The first myth to dismiss is that you should enjoy cold calling if you are a true sales person.  This is not something that you hear sales managers preaching but more so implied on the basis that cold calling is typically part of every sales position and there is the expectation that you should enjoy your job if you have chosen the right profession.

This myth needs to be dismissed due to the fact that just about everyone has a little reluctance to making cold calls.  This can be a product of the fact that when we are cold calling prospects, our call is unexpected and as a result we encounter the potential to get rejected with every cold call that we make.  As humans, we naturally dislike the feeling of rejection so the awareness that this is a potential and maybe likely outcome can create an internal resistance or reluctance when it is time to make cold calls.

By dismissing this sales myth and becoming more aware that the negative feelings toward cold calling are natural and something that everybody has, we can begin to improve our mental state to be assured that we are normal and have everything we need in order to be successful.

Myth #2 – You are born a sales person.

The next sales myth that we need to dismiss is the one that states that you are born a sales person and you either have the genetic makeup to be successful or you don’t.  There are plenty of sales managers out there that still operate with this belief and the main challenge with this is that it takes some of the power out of our hands in terms of our ability to improve our sales skills and sales results.  If it is our genetic makeup that determines how good of sales person that we can be, then we just better hope that we have the right genetic code.

The reality is that our biological makeup does influence our capacity and ability to learn, and also does dictate our personality traits and tendencies, and these qualities can impact how good of a sales person someone will or will not be.  For example, if someone does not have the capacity to learn, then they will not be able to learn and grasp all of the information that they will need to know in order to successfully sell.  In addition, if we have an extremely introverted personality that makes us incapable of interacting with people we do not know, we will clearly have a tough time selling.

But this sales myth is partially based on the concept that someone must have a particular personality type and level of competitiveness in order to be able to sell and this is where this myth begins to become flawed.  To begin to break this down, our level of competitiveness can develop and change throughout our lives depending on our environment and what we are taught.  You definitely either want to have or hire someone with a high level of desire, drive, competitiveness, and ambition when looking for qualities that influence success.  But these are not necessarily qualities that someone is born with as they can be acquired and developed throughout one’s life.

Moving on to the personality factor, personalities of all different types can be present in successful sales people.  Many believe that the “gift of gab” or a very talkative personality is a requirement or factor in someone being a successful sales person.  Of course, if you are interacting with prospects and customers, you have to be able to interact and communicate with strangers at an effective level, but there is no need for sales people to be extreme extroverts or the loudest person in the room.  In fact, in professional business-to-business selling, the ability to listen is almost a more important skill than talking.

The main point with dismissing this sales myth is that, if someone has the desire and capacity to learn, has the desire and competitive fire to win and succeed, and has the ability to communicate on a professional level, then they have what it takes to be a successful sales person regardless of the genetic code that they are born with.
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This article was published on Sunday 02 October, 2011.
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