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Display Strength to Create Attraction

It is common for people to believe that they have little control over the attraction they are able to create with others.  Most people think they look a certain way and this either creates attraction or it does it.  At most, they could tweak the way they dress and their level of fitness to have an impact, but they believe that is the extent of what they can do.   The truth is that there are many things that we can do, as well as don’t do, to create attraction in others.

One way to drive positive results in this area is to display strength. Not to be confused with displaying physical strength, this refers to displaying a distinguished level of knowledge, power, experience, proficiency, etc. in certain qualities that the person you are interacting with would find interesting or intriguing.

It is key to note that the best areas to display strength will differ according to the gender, age, socioeconomic status, setting, etc. of the person that you are interacting with.  The qualities that a woman is drawn to and intrigued by are different from that of a man.  For example, a woman may be attracted to man that is strong financially and physically, but a man might not have the same reaction to a woman that displays the same strengths.

The key to success is to identify the person you are interacting with and the setting you are in so that you can identify what attributes to accentuate to drive the best results

Below are some examples of common areas to that create attraction from others.

Social:  Confidence in social situations can get the attention of others.  This can be displayed by demonstrating or sharing stories that show the ability to talk to new people and make friends.

Humor:  The ability to make people laugh is very attractive.  Many women say that sense of humor is one of the most important things in creating a connection and attraction with somebody.

Intelligence: The ability to think on different levels and solve problems.

Emotional:  That ability to be emotionally stable.

Financial status:  Strength in the ability to provide for yourself and others if needed.

Physical health:  A healthy lifestyle that enables you to be strong enough to protect if needed.

Career:  Strength in the place where your career is and the direction that you want it to go.

Once you figure out what some of your strengths are, or more importantly what area you should display strength, it is important to understand how to display strength.  In most cases, it can be counter intuitive.  For example, if you are strong in the area of financial status, the more you try to display this, the less you will create attraction.  The reason why is because it will be a negative hit against your social strength because people with social strength do not have to discuss how much money they have.

But if you understand the different areas of strengths and relationships they have with one another, you can then to begin to effectively share the sides of you that are strongest, thus you will begin to display your best self and this will have a positive impact on your ability to create attraction.



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This article was published on Sunday 13 June, 2010.
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