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Diversifying the Lead Generation Effort to Drive Sales Results

For just about every business, generating leads is critical to driving growth and profitability.  With that being the case, it can be advantageous to diversify the lead generation process as this can help to improve overall results and decrease risk.  Diversifying lead gen would involve using different methods and resources to trigger leads and new business.


Improving Overall Results

By having a diversified approach to lead gen, we can increase our results by hitting on the three key factors below:

Improve coverage:  By using multiple methods to try to generate leads, we will likely increase the total number of prospects that we are touching and this will improve our coverage and exposure across our target market.  If our business model is solid and our messaging is strong, then there should be a direct relationship between the number of prospects that we are able to touch and the number of leads we will produce driving an improvement in overall results.


Connect in the right way:  Each prospect is different in the way that they communicate and operate.  Some prospects answer the phone and some never do.  Some prospects will read and respond to email and some get so much email that your emails will practically go straight to a trash can.  With this being the case, by having a diversified approach to the lead generation activities, we can improve our odds of communicating in the format that fits best with the prospect and improve our odds of getting into the account and creating a lead.


Get attention through repetition:  Another benefit to having a diversified approach is that we will likely have our messaging exposed to the same prospect’s at multiple times.  By hitting the prospect on more than one occasion, we can improve our chances of getting their attention and getting in.



Decreasing Risk

Since the lead generation process is so critical to the health of the business, there is business risk associated with the possibility that the process does not produce results.  In other words, if the sales organization is not able to drive and organically create leads, there will be a negative impact on new business revenue and this could have huge impact on the health and future of the business.


With so much riding on lead gen, we can decrease this risk by diversifying the approach and having multiple methods for producing leads.  It is as simple as not putting your eggs in one basket.  By investing time and money in different lead gen methods for producing results, we can create and environment where results come in from different sources and this will decrease our dependence and reliance on just one lead gen method.


In addition to lead gen methods varying in terms of results, they also can vary in terms of the amount of time to see results. For example, the direct interaction of cold calling may drive quicker results and responses than email marketing or search engine optimization.  By have a diversified approach, we can balance out the variance in timing of leads produced, which will help to decrease risk in the area of lead gen.



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This article was published on Sunday 19 June, 2011.
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