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Do’s and Don’ts of Phone Call Scripts

Here is a short list of what you should do and don’t do when it comes to using phone call scripts.

Do make an effort to improve sales calls by having some sort of a script to work from.

By improving your preparation by having a phone script, you are likely to see a number of benefits above an approach that does not use a script. You are likely to make a better impression, get more out of each sales call, have longer conversations, and generate more leads.

Don’t make your script incredible long and paragraph after paragraph.

Using a sales script that is a full page of one paragraphs after another will have a couple of challenges. First, when using  a script like that, it can typically be designed for you to do most of the talking. One way to improve sales calls is to set the call up so that the prospect does a lot of the talking. Not only does this help you to extract more information, but it also helps to get the prospect more involved in the conversation.

Another challenge with this is that this type of phone script is that it can be tough to embrace and learn. Who really wants to memorize a long page of stuff to say? With these types of phone call scripts being more difficult to incorporate, either sales people will skip using it or will revert to reading directly from it when on prospecting calls. Neither of these are good outcomes.

Do design your script so that it is more of an outline.

An alternative way to go when using a call script is to build it so that it is more of an outline than a page of paragraph after paragraph. A call outline can list out the key goals, statements, and questions that you want to go through when on a prospecting call.

Some benefits to using this type of structure is that it can be both easier to learn and use. An outline is much easier to learn and memorize than a list of paragraphs. It is also easier to use when on a call as it can be more flexible enabling the sales person to move to different parts of the outline when the call goes in a different direction as what is planned.

Don’t read your phone call scripts.

Many people have a negative view of sales scripts. Some of this is driven by the picture of a sales person reading directly from a sales script while on the phone.

This perception is correct as reading from phone call scripts can give off a very negative and amateurish impression. But the reality is that the correct way to use a phone script is to use it as a tool to prepare for the sales call and use it as guide and to be prepared enough so that we do not need to read directly from it.

Do focus your script on the prospect.

It can be common for sales people to build their script so that it says all of the great things that their products can do. But when phone prospecting, you should design your calls so that 80% of the call is on the prospect and only 20% is on you. The key way to get to this prospect heavy balance is to include a lot of questions in your phone script.


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This article was published on Sunday 05 May, 2013.
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