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Driving Career Growth

If you are currently employed and looking for ways to drive career growth while staying at the same company, there are some things you can do to improve your odds successfully driving growth.

When it comes to trying to improve our careers and drive growth while staying at the same company, there are a few main routes that we can go.  We can become a more senior member of the team that we are currently on, we can progress to take our manager’s position, or we can move laterally into a new role.  Below is a summary of things to consider and possible adopt that can help you to facilitate movement in one of these directions.

Do a good job:  A prerequisite for progressing with a company is that you must be doing a good job in the role you are in.  If you are not meeting or exceeding the expectation of the position, you need to start with modifying or improving your work habits so that you do.

Gain knowledge: 
 The more knowledge you are able to gain, the more you will increase your odds of being able to drive career growth.  You should try to learn as much as you can about your existing job.  In addition to that, you should also try to learn more about other jobs, other departments, processes, the company, the industry you operate in, competitors, etc.  It can also help to try to gain the type of knowledge that you would need to perform your manager’s job.

Work longer than average hours:  If you consistently work more than the minimum or average hours, you can position yourself for better career growth.  This is because you are likely to do a better job with the extra time and you are also more likely to make a better impression.  One rule to try go by is to try to arrive prior to your manager and leave after they do.

Focus on the gatekeeper:  
A key person that is going to have an impact on your advancement and career growth is the manager that you report to.  He or she will either facilitate your advancement, approve it, or endorse it.  Everything you say and do should be geared toward helping you to improve the impression that the gatekeeper has for you.

Dress for success:  
There can be a lot said for dressing for success.  Not only will it greatly impact the perception that others have for you, but dressing nicer can also put you in a more positive frame of mind which can have a positive impact on your performance.  One rule to go by in this area is to dress like your manager.  This will help you to make the best impression while ensuring that you do not over dress or get out of control.

Be careful whose toes you step on:
  There is a saying that goes, “Be careful whose toes you step on.  They may be connected to an a__ that you have to kiss some day.”  This saying basically says to be careful who you rub the wrong way because you never know what role that person may have in the organization in the future.  An even better and safer way to go is to simply not rub anyone the wrong way and treat everybody in a professional, consistent manner.

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This article was published on Friday 27 November, 2009.
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