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Eight Tips for How to Make Sales Calls

We can easily think about how to make sales calls and think about what best to do and not do. Each call and meeting we make will be a unique interaction so we really never know how exactly how it is going to go. With that being the case, we can either just “wing it” or we can use some sort of process and logic for our action. If the choice is the latter, below are some tips that can be incorporated

1. Build a prep document

There is definitely some work that we can do prior to the meeting and this begins with some sales research.  We should research both the company and the individual that we are meeting with.  Take the gathered research and formulate some questions that can be asked during the meeting and put those onto a document that can be printed out and brought with you to the meeting.  There is nothing wrong with having some prepared notes in front of you during the meeting.  It can be good to also include all of the attendees, address, and directions to that document.

2. Have pre-meeting dialogue

It can be good to have some sort of pre-meeting dialogue with the prospect or client so that you do not jump right into business.  Although, you do not want to launch into an in-depth conversation with them as you must respect their time and you also don’t want to waste too much of your meeting time.  A good non-meeting related question that can be asked is “How is your day going so far?”



3. Confirm time and expectations

Once it is time to roll into business, it is always good to confirm the amount of time that you have with the prospect in terms of identifying when they need the meeting to end.  From there, you also want to share your understanding of what will be discussed or accomplished and confirm that that matches with the prospect’s expectations.

4. Gather information

Regardless of where you are in the sales cycle, when working on how to make sales calls there is always a place and need for gathering customer information.  One key reason to gather information is to continue to qualify the prospect and opportunity and to possibly uncover pain.

5. Build interest

If you have qualified and found pain, there may be a good opportunity to build interest.  One way to achieve this is by sharing the business value that you offer and outlining your value statement and proposition.

6. Trial close

At every stage of the sales cycle and just about every meeting we have, we should trial close to check in with the prospect to see what their thoughts are on the information shared and direction.

7. Check in on time

One of the key tips is to check in on the time and pace mid way and towards the end.  You know when the meeting is supposed to end so you need to manage the flow to complete the agenda by then.

8. Identify the path forward

A key component to any sales call is to identify and agree to next steps.  A good way to do this is to present and modify together an evaluation plan.


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This article was published on Friday 12 August, 2011.
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