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Eight Ways to Improve Outbound Sales

Most sales professionals and sales organizations rely on some form of outbound sales activities to generate leads.  With this being such a critical area, it is can be advantageous to invest time, energy, and money in improving this area and below are some very practical ways to drive improvements.


1. Invest in Cold Call Training

There are a tremendous number of techniques and tactics that can be used when making cold calls and performing outbound sales activities.  Just simply working hard and making a high volume of calls by itself is not enough to be consistently successful.


This is why there can be tremendous benefits to investing in some form of cold call training.  This could be as simple as reading some sales books and information on the internet or could be more formal in way of attending a formal cold call training program.


2. Prepare for Objections

We are likely to run up against objections on every outbound sales call that we make.  Being prepared for these by having the response that has the best odds of keeping the call going can have a big impact on our results.


3. Qualify the Prospect

Our time is very valuable.  And with that being the case, we must find a way to spend more time with prospects that are likely to buy something and decrease the amount of time that we spend with prospects that aren’t.  The best way to accomplish this during outbound sales is to ask questions that qualify the prospect to measure how much potential they have for purchasing.





4. Focus on the Ideal Prospect

There are likely many different prospects that we can try to sell to.  And if we break the total list of prospects down, there are likely some that fit better than others in terms of need and ability to buy.  These could be called our ideal prospect and are likely the prospects that fit best with the business value that we have to offer and have the best chances of purchasing from us.


5. Have Some Sort of Script

You never really know where a cold call is going to go so it can help to plan and script out what you are going to say during the call.  This does not need to be some lengthy script that needs to be read word for word.  But some sort of outlines that identifies an introduction and key questions and goals of the call can improve results.


7. Sales Coaching

We are all human and have strengths and weakness and always have room for improvement.  With that being the case, investing time and energy in sales coaching can help improve outbound sales results as it can help to build and manage a growth plan.

Sale coaching could be provided informally between piers or from a manager or could be implemented formally from an external sales coach.

8. Sales Outsourcing

One available option for improving outbound activity is to simply outsource it.  There are many firms that businesses can transfer cold calling or lead generation over to.  There are many benefits to this arrangement as a business that focuses solely on outbound selling can often generate better results at a lower level of cost.



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This article was published on Sunday 21 August, 2011.
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