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Find Pain to Improve Selling

When trying to improve selling, one  of the quickest ways to improve results is to improve your ability to find pain.  Pain in this context is essentially the impact felt when something is not working well or could be working better.  In order to generate leads and identify which prospects it makes sense to keep talking with, we need to effectively find out if things are great, things are OK, or if things could be better for the prospect.  If things are just OK or could be better, pain could exist and getting the conversation focused on this pain will yield strong benefits.  On the other side of that scenario, if things are great or if we are not able to find pain, there will be some very powerful factors that will go against everything that we try to do while cold calling.


Gets the Prospect’s Attention

When you are on a cold call, one of the most effective ways to help establish the call and keep it going is to get the prospect’s attention and uncovering pain will help tremendously with this.  By getting the conversation centered around what the prospect is having trouble with, we will greatly increase our likelihood of grabbing and keeping the prospect’s attention.  On the flip side of that, if we try to establish a cold call and the topic of discussion is not connected to any area of pain or priority, we are not going to be building a conversation that is interesting and attention grabbing for the prospect.


Connection with the Prospect

When trying to improve selling, we can increase our interactions by making people feel like we understand what they are trying to say and understand where they are coming from.  When we are able to talk about a prospect’s pain on a cold call, we can sub-communicate to them that we understand them.  This minor step will enable us to begin to build a connection and rapport with the prospect.



Collect Valuable Information

Being able to get the cold call focused on the prospect’s pain will make the call more productive from an information gathering standpoint and this can help with to improve selling.  Even if the call does not go anywhere in terms of commitment or action, if we are able to gather some key details around pain that is being experienced in the organization or in the business, we will have made the conversation productive as we can use this information in our strategy and in future conversations, presentations, proposals, etc.



If we are not able to identify any pain that the prospect has, that means that everything is going well for the prospect.  If things are going well, there will not be a significant amount of motivation to make a change.  If there is not motivation to make a change, even if the prospect shows a level of interest, the lead or opportunity might not be qualified.  Even if the prospect is available to attend demos and meetings, when it comes time for them to pull the trigger in terms of making a commitment or spending money, the deal may stall or get killed because there might not be enough motivation due to the lack of pain.  As a result, uncovering pain is a key step to qualifying the lead and prospect and this can help to improve selling.


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This article was published on Monday 02 January, 2012.
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