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Five Tips for How to Motivate a Team

When working as a sales manager, one common need is to figure how best to motivate a team. Below are five ways to improve your ability to motive your team.

1.    Establish goals and expectations

As a first step when hiring sales staff or trying to motivate existing staff is to clearly set goals and establish expectations. If there is ambiguity for a sales person in terms of what they are supposed to be doing, they can have less focus and motivation.

To offset this and trigger motivation, we can work with a sales person to clearly map out short and long-term goals. By helping to establish clarity on the direction forward, we can begin to build a foundation for motivation to be built on.

2.    Teach and train

Telling a sales person what to do by itself and stopping there is not the best way to go. To ensure success and create motivation, we must teach and train sales staff on how to do what they have been assigned.

The less we know how to do something, the less likely we will be motivated to do it. To offset this, if we do a good job of teaching and providing sales training, we can stand to make our sales staff more comfortable with what they are working on and this can help to motivate a team.

3.    Empower and provide freedom

Once we have established the direction and taught the sales staff how to be successful, we must set them free and empower them to do their job. If we don’t give them space and don’t show that we have confidence in their ability to make decisions, we can see a negative hit on their motivation.

If we do the opposite of this and empower the sales staff to make their own decisions and give them space to work in, we will show that we not only respect them, but that we also trust them and this can help to motivate a team.


4.    Track and provide feedback

But just because we are providing space and freedom, this does not mean that we should not track performance. In fact, if we provide freedom, we actually might need to track a little more than we would without the extra space.

If we track and communicate how the sales person is doing against targets and goals, we can help to establish clarity for the sales person in terms of how they are doing and what they need to do. Delivered with the right tone and as part of sales coaching, this activity can motivate a team.

5.    Rewards and repercussions

The last tip for how to motivate a team is to use a mix of rewards and repercussions. This is the ole carrot and stick. The first step in this is regularly reward when the right actions and behaviors are seen. Rewards can be as formal as compensation consisting of bonuses or commissions, but can also be informal rewards as simple as verbal or written communications that express acknowledgement of work that is well done.

Along with our rewards, there should also be repercussions when the right actions or behaviors are not seen. If we have followed the other tips of setting goals, effectively training, and we have tracked progress, we can easily manage and coach with the repercussions that will happen when we do not go in the right direction.


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This article was published on Saturday 25 February, 2012.
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