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Four Powerful Cold Calling Coaching Sales Tools

Cold Calling Coaching become much more powerful when there are different sales tools utilized.

1. Cold call script

One of the most powerful sales tools to use is a cold call script. Some will say that they do not like scripts and that scripts do not sound good over the phone. But the reality is that a cold call script can be very different things. It could be a script that is read word for word, or it could be an outline and guide that we build and use for our calls.

As part of cold call coaching, the coach can work with the client to build a cold call script and guide that can be used during coaching. The best way to approach this is to teach the client how to build a script so that they can build their own outside of the coaching sessions.

2. Objections map

Objections will occur on every cold call. These are responses from prospects like “I do not have time” and “I am not interested”. The key to success is being able to be prepared for how to handle these.

Productive cold calling coaching can involve spending time discussing the objections that are likely to occur during cold calling and identify the best responses that stand to keep the calls going. These objections and responses can be put into one document and used as an objections map while cold calling.


3. Role-playing

To prepare a script and objections responses is not enough. For productive cold calling coaching, we need to practice all of those responses and statements so that we do not have to think about it when cold calling. We want to be at point where we know exactly what to say and when and one sales tool to help with that is role-playing.

Role-playing is the practicing of cold calling scenarios where one person plays the caller, another the prospect, and both go through a simulated call. This can help the caller to go from reading and thinking about what to say to actually saying it and dealing with it in real-time. By doing this, not only will the caller get more used to the words rolling off of their tongue, they will also improve their memorization of what to say and when.

4. Call recording

There is nothing more powerful than actually hearing a person being coached on the phone in the act of cold calling. When a sales coach has this valuable information, the coach can provide both positive and constructive feedback to help drive growth. Everything from tonality, to questions asked, statements made, and how objections were dealt with can be assessed and brought to the cold calling coaching session.

There are a few different options for how to do call recording. Many phones and phone systems have the capability to record calls. If that does not exist, there are some external services that you can make calls through where you dial a number before the number that you are going to dial and the call is place through a third-party system that records that call.

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This article was published on Sunday 19 February, 2012.
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