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Four Sales Tactics for Building Rapport with Clients

It may be common for us to believe that building rapport with clients is purely based on the client liking our personality.  And if that is the main factor and if we kind of are who we are at this point in our lives, we could fall into believing that rapport is either going to naturally build if they like us or it is not and there is not much that we can do positively impact that.  But the reality is that we do have control over rapport as there are some very clear and easy to implement things that we can do to build and trigger stronger connections with others

1.  Display Humility

An example of one thing that we can do to create a better connection with clients is to display humility.  This is a little counterintuitive as we have always been taught to act confident and assertive when dealing with clients.  Displaying humility is somewhat the opposite of that as this would be presenting us as more modest, human, and capable of making mistakes or not knowing everything.

Of course when working in sales, we want to be confident in whom we are, in the products we sell, and confident in the company we work for.  But to show the client at different times that we are human and in some ways very normal or average can help to create a more friendly and personal relationship.

2.  Compliment the Competition

Another counterintuitive tactic for building rapport with clients is to give a compliment to the competition.  An example of this would be to share something that the competition is good at if the client shares that they are currently or are considering doing business with the competitor.  Of course we will want to follow this up with some areas where the competition might have weaknesses or where we clearly have strengths over them.

By sharing something positive about the competition, we will accomplish some very clear and powerful things in that exact moment.  First, we will display a tremendous amount of confidence in ourselves and our products if we are not afraid to share something good about the competition.  Secondly, we will present ourselves as more of an advisor than as sales person as we will be sharing valuable and what appears to be unbiased information.  We will also improve our level of credibility if we are sharing what is good about the competition, we will appear to be more genuine and trustable with what we are sharing about our company and products.


3.  Disqualify the Client

Sticking with the counterintuitive theme, disqualifying can help with building rapport with clients.  By doing this, we are likely to instantly decrease the client’s guard as they may view us as looking out for their best interest.  By making the client feel like we are putting their interest before our primary interest of closing sales, we are likely to positively impact the level of rapport.

4.  Understand the Client

We as humans have an internal need to be understood.  When we are able to make a client feel like we understand them in terms of their challenges, what their goals are, and what they are trying to say, we will take huge strides toward building rapport with clients.

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This article was published on Tuesday 03 January, 2012.
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