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Four Tips for Writing an Outbound Sales Script

Writing an outbound sales script can often seem like a daunting task. But if we use some structure and logic, we can more easily prepare a powerful cold calling script. Here are a few tips to help someone of any level of sales experience get their hands around building a calling script.

1. Use an Outline Structure

When developing a script, there are two structural choices available. Either you can produce a script that is word for word what should be said and a continuous stream of content. Or you can use more of an outline structure that has different sections of points and questions that can be asked during a cold call.

There are some benefits to using an outline structure in that it provides more flexibility for the caller in that it is easier to improvise and use portions of the script in a different order and flow than a script that is continuous word for word text. In addition, an outline is easier to learn and adopt than a long word for word script.

2. Qualifying Questions

When developing an outbound sales script, one component that can often be left out are qualifying questions. Including questions to qualify the prospect on the cold call script can add tremendous benefits to the cold call in that they can not only help to ensure that the prospect is qualified, but the questions also help to make the cold call more conversational and get the prospect more engaged in the call.

By asking qualifying questions, you can also decrease the prospect’s guard since you are displaying yourself as motivated to make sure the prospect has a need before you try to sell to her.



3. Include Common Pain Points

Uncovering pain that the prospect is experiencing is one of the most important things to accomplish on a cold call. Unfortunately, getting the prospect to divulge or admit to pain can often be very challenging. One way to improve effectiveness with this is to share some pain examples that other people have shared and ask the prospect if they can relate or agree. This can provide information and validation to pain that exists on their side.

One way to make it easy to share pain examples are to list out common pain points that your prospects experience in your outbound sales script.

4. Prepare some Building Interest Points

One step that is critical to successful outbound sales is to build interest on the prospect’s side. You have limited time to work with so to help with this, you can include some building interest points in your outbound sales script that you can throw at the prospect at the end of the script right before you go for the close.

Building interest points can include key details about your company, products, and features. They can also focus on the value that you offer and the ROI that you typically deliver. Having some points on how you differ from the competition and any threats that exist if the prospect does nothing can be powerful as well.


Launch Pad Solutions provides a sales script tool to help sales pros to develop outbound sales script.


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This article was published on Sunday 29 April, 2012.
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