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Four Week Sales Coaching Program

Many people wonder whether sales coaching is for them and what they stand to gain from coaching. One great way to test out what coaching is all about is by going through one of Launch Pad’s four week sales coaching programs.

What is Included

Through this program, you will get four 30 minute one-on-one coaching sessions delivered over the phone. Even though it is just four sessions, a lot of ground can be covered including progress in the following areas:

  • Education on what coaching is, what coaching is not
  • Identify current state – targets, performance, metrics, etc.
  • Identify desired state – goals, opportunities, challenges, etc
  • Role-playing
  • Brainstorming
  • Action Planning
  • Progress Tracking

Excellent First Step

This four week program is an excellent first step for someone that is either interested in sales coaching but is unsure what it is all about. With these four sessions, there will be ample time for an individual to not only identify if coaching is right for them, they will also be able to spend some time with a coach to see if they are the right coach for them and identify there is potential for a long-term coaching relationship.

At the end of the four week or four session period, the coach and the client can review the sessions to identify if value has been delivered and identify what path makes the most sense moving forward in terms of additional coaching. If there is a good fit between personalities and needs, the path to continue with the existing coach might be looked at. Although, if there is a better direction in terms of a different coach or a different type of service, the coach will make that recommendation.

Jump Start Your Business

The sales coaching four pack is also an excellent way to jump start your business. This will be an opportunity where the client is forced to take a step back from the business to look inward, look outward, and most importantly look forward. Even if there is not a long-term coaching relationship established, going through the process alone can help to jump start a business to drive long-term growth.

Return on Investment

Sale coaching usually has a strong return on investment as an activity like this can have a direct impact on increasing sales results. Just making minor adjustments in the area of execution, motivation, and strategy can easily impact the outcome on either generating leads and closing transactions.

A easy question to ask is what is an average transaction size, and then ask what is an average quantities of transactions per month or year. Once you have those numbers, assess how much you can improve those numbers by investing time and money in yourself. If you can make any minor improvements in those metrics, it will likely pay sales coaching many times over.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 06 September, 2011.